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A BIG commitment

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Guys, I know what this is about even before I click on the cleverly highlighted and linked text, but maybe some others do not right off hand.  This is a pinned topic, therefore I assume it has some level of importance.  Maybe you might just be a little bit more informative in your post header, or at least in the first sentence of the first post of the thread.  Some of us are not as much into recruiting as some of the others, but we like to keep up with the news.  Since we also pay for the privilege of being abused on this website (please realize that that is a joke!), perhaps you could help us feel like we do not have to also purchase the extra special decoder ring in order to participate.  I know that we are all not journalists, but "who, what, when, where, why" will go a long way toward endearing you to your fellow forum mates.

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