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Drop it Like it's Hot: I need 20

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1. With Poona Ford being cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse, what kind of impact do you think he'll have at DT or will his snaps be limited?


2. Who is our fastest Longhorn not named Daje?


3. We saw UT go from preferring light and more agile OL to recently trying to divert to heavier, bulkier OL. What is Wickline looking for?




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Darrell, what's the latest on the two players allegedly involved in some form or fashion with the sexual assault occurrence from a few weeks ago?  Is it looking like a case of them being witnesses and not directly involved, mistaken identity or do you anticipate suspensions, dismissals, or arrests?


I too am curious as to the status of the Stansbury(sp?) situation for the Ags.


Any insight or updates on the recruitment of Boyd?  Ag sites say he's indicating he knows where he wants to go and it may be tough to get him out of the Opening uncommitted to the Ags despite his family's preference for Texas.  Also, curious if we have any updates on Sheffield and Jefferson.  Am hoping we see some strong commits start to fall and get the momentum rolling.  Newsome would be nice.

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I really enjoy the Q&A and I would ask more questions if I was smart enough to know what I don't know. This week you seem to have a good turn out of questions. The past few weeks though there wasn't much participation. Any thoughts on what seemed like a lack of interest

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Q  since TEXAS shall be playing it's very first game as per the season upon next month (august), have we finally received word vs any indication, for what disney shall be implementing as per the TEXAS game day experience for 2014?



Q  the shocking situation as per BILL POWERS vs the board of regents, just could not have arrived at a worst time upon the 40 acres.  what form of an impact shall the profound episode of the UT president being threatened with termination, at a time when LONGHORN NATION should be hereby gearing up for what shall be an historic first, as per the forthcoming inaugural football season of it's new black head coach?



Q  head coach charlie strong, is now scheduled for a couple of hour long speeches as per the TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL COACHES ASSOC as per july 20-23.  do you foresee any form of circus atmosphere at this convention, in lieu of the disastrous travis haney rogue reporting saga?



Q  TEXAS, is planning / preparing for the new "under the lights" camp arriving as per july 18 respectively.  shall we expect any forthcoming surprises as per recruitment, during this last major UT camp of the season?  what is the exact mood of the coaching staff vs bellmont in lieu of this forthcoming camp?  just how BIG is this particular camp going to be.. as compared to all of the rest held this season?   


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Yeah, like please tell me that tradition of that fat, waddling SOB Jeff Madden leading our beloved Horns onto the field has ended.  PLEEEEZZZZZZ!!!! :D

i did not realize that mr. madden was still a part of the UT coaching staff.  what exactly is going on here....

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Now that Coach Strong has had time to make it around the state and meet many of the coaches, what are you or FOB hearing from the Texas high school coaches about the direction of the program and their willingness to recommend UT to their top players?

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According to the docket sheet, Gavin Stansbury is set for trial on August 12th for the one assault charge. Can we close the matter of the alleged investigation into more serious charges and say they were baseless, with appropriate apologies to Mr. Stansbury?

on this we agree. absent any further charges or other information, the 'reporting' on this subject was nothing more than sensationalist rumor mongering.

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