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The topic that has Longhorn message boards abuzz is Coach Strong’s participation (or lack thereof) at the San Angelo Coaches Clinic.  It was reported by Inside Texas that Texas Athletic Director Steve Patterson received a letter from several Texas High School coaches that relayed their displeasure with Coach Strong and the level of his participation. Conversely, it was reported by Orangebloods.com that the whole situation with the SACC is bogus.


Since I received such insightful information from my source in Bellmont last week, I decided to wear out my welcome and address this particular issue with him. The first question I asked was if Patterson really received a letter from unhappy coaches?


A)  Darrell, I’m not 100% certain whether or not Patterson received a letter from a group of  unhappy coaches. What I do know for a fact is that Steve receives letters all the time from alumni, boosters and fans that have an axe to grind so, it would not surprise me if he did, in fact, receive letter(s).


Q)  Are you aware of the article written by ESPN’s Travis Henry and the back lash this has had?

A)  Yes, we covered this topic last week.  This is not the first time, nor will it be the last, a story is spun to meet an agenda of trashing Texas. As I told you last week, don’t expect Patterson to be the one to debunk these types of articles.  There are plenty of people to do so in Bellmont and it is already taking place from the longtime Director of the San Angelo Coaching Clinic. 


Q)  What have you, personally, heard concerning this situation?

A)  There was definitely a miscommunication on why Coach Strong was invited in the first place.  Usually, when a coach receives an invite, he is allotted 45 minutes to speak about X’ & O’s. Strong’s invite was a last minute situation and he re-worked his already busy schedule in order to attend the Clinic and meet some coaches.  Realistically, Coach was more or less there for a meet & greet and that’s why he was only slated for 20 minutes. 


Q)  Are you saying some coaches in attendance misunderstood why Strong was at the clinic?

A)  If some of the coaches felt slighted, they clearly did not have an understanding of why Coach Strong was down there. The simple fact is that Strong was not there with the same schedule (or expectation from the clinic's staff) as the other coaches that were invited to speak. 


Q)  Coach Strong isn't known as one to walk into a room a captivate the crowd in the manner that Mack Brown did but, his intensity and disciplinarian-style appear to be attractive to quite a few of audiences.  Why then are some so slow to warm up to the man?

A)  Some coaches walk into a country club and make everyone there feel like he is one of them.  Some of those same coaches also  venture into inner city neighborhoods and make people there feel like he is in touch with that culture. In other words, some coaches simply have the ability to be a chameleon. 


While Coach Strong is capable of getting along in a country club atmosphere and is quite capable of succeeding in the inner city neighborhoods...Charlie is not a Chameleon.  Strong is the same man in both environments and does not put on any pretenses like other coaches do.  With that said, I’m not criticizing the coaches that have that ability, that’s just not Strong.


Q)  Do you think that has hurt Texas - in recruiting or otherwise?

A)  Hurt?  No, I would not use the term hurt - way too early for that.  I firmly believe that it takes people that are “real”, and do not change who they in front of different audiences, a longer period to secure relationships. Once those personalities build those relationships, they are built on trust.


I appreciate you taking my call for the second week in a row.  Maybe next time we can talk about the teams progression?

I would enjoy that topic more.




Friend of BEVO


McPhaul:  Well, it appears Texas gave Augie an extension?

FOB:  As you know, UT gave him a two-year extension.  Coach Garrido requested three years.


McPhaul:  Why didn't Steve Patterson offer the three years that was requested?

FOB:  Because Coach Garrido  is not running the club anymore.   Skip Johnson is the manager and although it might be fair to financially compensate Coach Garrido for three more years, everyone is onboard with Skip continuing in his role as an apprenticeship for when the extended contract expires.


McPhaul:  Are you saying that Johnson is the head coach-in-waiting?

FOB:  You not going to hear it called that but, Texas has reached out to Skip and is going to do what they can to secure Johnson's future with the program.


McPhaul:  Is Coach Garrido on-board with Johnson running the program?

FOB:  Absolutely.  In the last year or two, Garrido has had little very involvement with recruiting. Actually, he didn't really participate in some of last year’s official visits on campus. Coach Garrido's focus is giving pep talks about baseball and life lessons.


McPhaul:  I know there's plenty of talk about bringing in the fences before next season, does that have any legs to it?

FOB:  That would very expensive to do.  However, I heard that Texas is talking to someone about providing hitting instructions on a contract basis.


McPhaul:  Who is that?

FOB:  They are in negotiations so, I’m not at liberty to say. However, I can tell you that this former big leaguer is well known.


McPhaul:  Switching gears...what’s the vibe around the football office & locker room?

FOB:  Believe it or not there is a certain amount of positivity & a quiet confidence among the coaches and players.  Slowly but surely, a team-first culture is starting to make its way through the program.


McPhaul:  Are you optimistic that this team can compete for the B12 title?

FOB:  Don’t jump the gun.  Let’s get some games under our belt before measure what we have.  I will tell you this, this season hinges on David Ash’s ability to stay healthy - he is the only quarterback that doesn't require Shawn Watson to limit the offense. 


McPhaul:  Ok, get on with your holiday, I will holler later.

FOB:  Have a good one.

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You could not be more wrong. Lance has let it be known that his dream job is coaching at the University of Texas.


Texas has been presented several options to assist us in changing our offensive philosophy.

Wow! I would have thought that a guy from Rice would want no part of Texas. I'm obviously wrong on my assumption.
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You could not be more wrong. Lance has let it be known that his dream job is coaching at the University of Texas.


Texas has been presented several options to assist us in changing our offensive philosophy.


I don't know where you heard this, but I can confirm it. From his lips to my ears.


My wife and I had a bit of disagreement after the conversation that happened at a fund raiser my wife chaired. I heard that he said it was his dream job and she heard it would be ONE of his dream jobs. Whatever. I did learn that he does respect for UT. His love remains with Rice.


That said, I do believe he would take the Rice job over UT if given the choice. Wayne Graham is way over his expertion date and Lance knows it. Would Rice give the job to Lance with little to no coaching experience? Turning UT's hitting woes around would certainly help his resume.

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I worry that because someone can hit a baseball does not mean that skill is transferable. . . which is what a coach would need to be able to do. . . 


I don't know .. . . 


I do think the team needs a quality hitting instructor. . . it is a glaring weakness . .. .




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There are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes. We're definitely plugged in to the right people and as soon as we're able to do so, we'll share what we can.


If it's hardball, you're safe taking Don at his word.

I do not doubt that. There was simply no information given. I would recommend waiting until you can report something.

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