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Texas vs. Kansas State game thread


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What's the latest with Hinojosa and Texas? I thought he was first round material in the draft and decided to maybe skip playing college ball??


Well today's news of his injury is the latest, the source who told me about this development says that he is now much more likely to go to Texas now because the injury will most likely affect his draft stock.


So the next step is just to wait and see where he is selected...the deadline to sign will be between July 12-18....I imagine we won't know for sure his final decision till right up to the deadline.

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Huge win. We had to get the W, especially once we committed to starting French today instead of tomorrow. If we burned through our two best starters without a win, I don't know how the guys would have gotten themselves out of bed tomorrow morning. K State's Sunday starter is pretty good so the guys really need to keep this momentum going and take the series tomorrow.

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What happened? I thought we lost again? Damn! Hook'em!!!!!!!!!!!


Texas came back from down 3-0 to tie it up and take the game to extra innings. Corey Knebel had four shutout innings in relief to get the win and we won in the 11th. Taylor Stell had a very big pinch hit single during the rally in the 11th.


Jacquez is on the mound tomorrow.

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