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Dave O'Neill hired as new rowing coach


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Hell!  Tommory  We should oughta burn down all of the ice cream shops!  I just know there oughta be some flavor in there we don't like!   Amy!  you got till sunup to get outa town!  I know you gotta have some Moron Belle Carrot ice cream in there some where!


Ooh!  Ooh!  don't ferget the ;) so you'll know I am kidding!  .. Or, am !?  ;(   Dunh, DUNH, DUNHHHH!


Sometimes, I have entirely too much fun on a Friday night after 10:00PM!


Speaking of which, Dave Letterman just said that the CDC said that if you insist on kissing your pet chicken, you should make sure that it is warmed up to a consistent 160 degrees Fahrenheit internally ... just thought you would want to know.

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