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????Questions for Horn Sports?????

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As the reputation of UT football took another nosedive over the last week and the positive showing of the baseball team in Omaha was completely eclipsed by the incessant bashing by the nation's sports writers, one question comes to mind. Does Steve Patterson intend on allowing Nick Voinis to remain on the payroll and thereby ensuring the continued degradation of the reputation of the football program at the University of Texas, or is there even a small chance someone competent could someday be hired to replace Nick?


People (including myself) complain about Charlie Strong's 2-13 record in head to head recruiting battles against aggy, but those numbers are downright stellar compared to Nick's performance in managing the media perception of UT compared the performance of his counterpart over at the cow college. Some of us are getting tired of the ineptitude of those managing various aspects of the program. How long is sub-mediocre going to be an acceptable job performance rating within Bellmont?

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I'm tired of talking A&M.  Let's talk about what we can control.  


Any exciting future OOC teams on our schedule for 2018 and beyond?


Will Belmont stick to scheduling a team from the BIG 5?  Maybe a home game against Georgia/South Carolina/North Carolina/Clemson along with the already scheduled Maryland and USC for 2018?  



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greetings staffers,


Q   what is the latest vibe regarding the prospective job as per vince young? just what role shall he be performing as per UT?  g_young2_vi.jpg



Q  we have not heard anything lately regarding TEXAS prospective facilities.  south end zone?  BB arena?  DKR-Stadium.jpg


Q  just what on earth are the FOB's, BMD's, vs top UT officials, saying in regards to the "banner days" that aTm are now enjoying, in regards to stellar recruitment / public relations... along with their new found nationally respected momentum?  are their any discussions vs plans to offer any proven countermeasures as per UT?



Q  what is the very latest regarding the partnership as per disney?  what are they recommending?  are they nearing completion?  mic01.gif


Q  i had referenced a statement upon another site indicating that coach strong has some forthcoming surprises as per recruitment.  are you now aware as per any forthcoming recruitment surprises coming forth from bellmont?  

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Would it be possible to change the information that pops up when you mouse over a thread title?  All you get is the thread title again. Kind of worthless.


Some forums have the first so many characters of the substance of the post pop under the cursor, so you can get an idea of the content before you actually click on the thread.

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What happened to the squakebox or whatever it called... it shows up for a second and then disappears?



If you mean the Shoutbox, click on 'FORUMS' on the main horizontal menu. The Shoutbox is integrated on the forum's main menu page. It will probably by moved for football season.

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