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CFB outlines who makes the playoffs

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Good read. . .really glad to see these lines, SOS would have bumped Bama for Okie Lite 3 years ago .. . almost as big a screw job as TEXAS got in 2008. . .:

"Strength of schedule, head-to-head competition and championships won must be specifically applied as tie-breakers between teams that look similar," the document reads. Those were proposed to differentiate between "teams with similar records and similar pedigree."

Those also are three of the criteria the College Football Playoff Management committee, a group of commissioners from Football Bowl Subdivision conferences and Notre Dame athletics director Jack Swarbrick, outlined in the document titled "How to select the best four teams". The final criterion listed is "Comparative outcomes of common opponents", but without factoring in margin of victory.



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I completely agree. . .no hiden ballots or hanging chads. . 



I think what they want to avoid is another TV ratings disaster like the Bama vs LSU rematch from 2011.  What a shit-show.



Had SOS & winning titles been in place, Okie Lite goes to the title game over Bama that year. . .


Their SOS was significant over the tide. . . .and they won their conference. . . 



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