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The Landscape Thread - June Edition!


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We need one of those to park itself over Armadillo Slim's house for about a week.


I haven't seen TecoHorn around in a long time so I miss having a Weather Guru around to get the real deal forecast from. However, I did talk to Teco about this specifically this past winter.


Teco said that we're WAY overdue for the type of tropical system I'm talking about - the type that comes in over the Victoria area and moves inland over Central Texas. It's these types of events that fill the Highland Lakes and end droughts. We haven't had one in some time and Teco was/is alarmed that we so way overdue.


I lived in Victoria when Bulla (SP) and Carla came through Victoria. My dad left his car (1956 Buick Special 2 door hardtop) in the drive way......wanted to collect insurance money from the storm. But, nothing touched the car,,,so he kicked it twice and scraped the hood and top with roof shingles. After he collected his insurance money , he gave me the car to drive to Victoria High back in  62. I did get it painted and dents fixed...painted  with Cordivon Brown color and baby moons. I was in Hog (Stingarees) Heaven.

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It might be a little late, but then again you may get some late summer/early fall cucumbers before you're done.


They won't make as much fruit when it's hot, so keep the soil moist. Mine were attacked by aphids but I caught up with them before they destroyed the plants. I've only had about 5-6 cucumbers this season myself. Mine do not get direct sun after 2 p.m. though.





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How would you recommend cleaning a concrete patio?  The Google machine says bleach and water.


I would not. The bleach will kill your turf around your patio.


You can rent a power washer for about $65 a day or $45 for a few hours. Get one rated at 3000 PSI. They're easy to use. Just make sure you do not let the wand tip get close to any of your toes as it will take them right off. The concrete will look new once you're done.


Home Depots have equipment rentals so you might start there.

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Those tomatoes are nice

i never had much luck with them

But I do have limes and lemons out the wazoo

And I recently planted an avocado bush that is supposed to fruit in Houston, we will see


Meanwhile, here is a pic of Super Typhoon Neoguri

This one may blast Japan

as if they havent had enough already



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I have a 30 gallon Natchez Crape Myrtle (white blooms) that I am going to give away to the next person that refers a chemical lawn maintenance customer in the Austin area.


Crapes need full sun, so keep that in mind when thinking about where you would put one. A Natchez is one of the largest Crapes there are (they are not all the same size) growing to 30-40 feet at maturity.







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