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I talked briefly with Cy-Ridge's Head Coach (Gary Thiebaud) earlier today. He said the timing of Siverand's commitment had everything to do with his Senior season and teammates. He didn't mention Kyler Murray at all. Thiebaud said that Siverand really didn't want his recruitment to distract the team from their upcoming season and that he wanted to enjoy his Senior year without the added pressure of recruiting. Siverand wants he and his teammates to be totally focused on 7-on-7 season.

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I meant in terms of the playoffs and leading their teams. VY made it to the semis, Reggie won a state champ at Lufkin, same for Dalton, Gilbert had 2 rings (best HS QB I've seen), McGee to the finals, Harrell has a ring, Heard has two rings, Murray has two, RG3 went to the finals etc..The elite QBs will lead even the most devoid team of talent out of the regionals into the final 4 of their state in their respective classifications at least once in their 4 years of high school ball. These are the players that recruits flock to within the state. Either you grab the kid that is good enough to win a state title in the state or the best out-of-stater you can, as long as you weren't a 4-8 team the year before the studs should come. Murray's tape, pedigree, mechanics, and winning are all in a class of their own amongst anybody to come out of the state in awhile, only a fool would think this wouldn't have an effect on other top recruits in the state and possibly the nation. I've believed for awhile now in the philosophy that elite QBs will start their winning ways well before college ball, it is the biggest reason why I feel that Heard will succeed for ya'll and Swoopes will never become what he was touted to be.

Did you really mean to say that Murray is better than Heard? That is exactly what you implied.


Fellows, I think Bedford should hear about this! He will know just how and just when to use it!

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