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Question for the mods


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I have noticed that too.  Over time, the numbers have always been as disparate as they are today.  Not that it really makes any difference. but I think that if the programmers looked into it, you would find that one of those numbers is not correct.  One counter or the other is not working ... again, not that it really matters.  And, in answer to Aaron, the bottom counter lists guests and anonymous users. so they should still be accounted for.

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Tried to reply to post #20 but didn't work. But I have a serious question so smart asses need not reply. What is wrong with Internet Explorer?

In all seriousness, Microsort products have always been some of the worst written software on the face of the earth.  They have been very good at not rewriting their software, but just appending it so they could sell a new version.  Internet Explorer has historically had some of the largest "holes" in their software with regards to backdoor access for hackers. I do not know, they may have improved their software over the years, but historically,  Internet Exploder can be

compared to the Chevy Vega with the aluminum block engine of the 1970's.  I could be considered a smart ass, but I do know a few things, so, I have a License to Reply!  I am kind of like Palidan, "Have Mouth - Will Reply!"



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