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Texas Softball


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Here's the bracket. 

Really not a bad draw at all considering the circumstances. I actually think the first game against Miss. State will be the most difficult. Texas actually run ruled Texas Southern twice this year, and beat LA-Lafayette twice this year. This team full of underclassmen actually has a shot at a super-regional. 

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Texas falls to ULL in the regionals. I'm normally with people on the fire Clark bandwagon, but she did a hell of job this year. 6 of the 9 starters were underclassmen. This team is going to be good in the next few years. We have a legit pitcher in Davis who is only a Freshman, so the future looks bright. If Clark doesn't win in the next two years, I have no problem with firing her. 

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We should fire her now.

She has done less with more for too long.

She was a couple games off a title last year, and did an excellent job this year IMO with a team full of underclassmen. Not the right time if you ask me. I would be willing to bet this team makes the CWS 2 out the next 3 years. There's that much young talent on this team. They came close to beating the number 6 overall seed this year with a team of underclassmen. If Clark doesn't produce next year, I could see firing her. 

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She did not win with Cat. Nuff said.

I am tired of always hoping for next year.

Difference between Cat's team and this team, is this team actually has hitting. 


Soph-Lindsay Stephens .371 AVG

Soph-Stephanie Ceo .362 AVG

Junior-Gabby Smith .342 AVG

Fresh-Tiarra Davis .313 AVG

Fresh-Kern .305 AVG

Fresh-Tunning .295 AVG

Fresh-Wong .285 AVG

Soph-Shireman .280 AVG

Soph-Scott .471 AVG

Fresh-Hanzell .316 AVG


I'm not a fan of Clark at all. All I'm saying is you better have an elite coach in line if you want to fire her. Breaking up this team would be the dumbest thing I've ever seen, if you don't have an elite coach in line (maybe there wouldn't be a lot of transfers, who knows). If Clark can't get this team to the CWS, then she deserves to be fired. Cat was a monster but that team had nowhere the amount of talent up and down this one does. The fact that this team was top 10 in most hitting statistics in the country, with a majority of underclassmen, should tell you how much more talented they are. 

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