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Headed to the Big Bend for five days


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I am sorry to announce that I will not be around to referee any spit and slap fights over the next five days.  The wife and I and our two Catahoulas are headed West to the Big Bend Country for a much needed respite.  In the last year my wife had first two hips replaced at the same time last May and last December she had two knees replaced at the same time.  I gotta say that she has come through like a trouper, but the Catahoulas and I are in much need of a little rest and relaxation!  ;)  So, the wife has agreed to accompany us on a little sojourn for a few days.  We like to stay at the Maverick Inn in Alpine.  We can get most everywhere in the area fairly quickly from there, and there are a little better choice of restaurants in Alpine if we do not want to go to Fort Davis or down to Lajitas for a meal.  We are too old to do any major hiking any more, so we just like to drive around and look at the vistas and watch the sunsets, eat a meal, and go back to the Maverick Inn to read and watch a little TV before our usual late night snoozefest.  I grew up a little further east down I-20 in the Big Country.  Alpine has always been my idea of what it might have been like if somebody made a movie of my life.  It is at the same elevation as Santa Fe, New Mexico, but there is not as many people with too much money out in the middle of the dessert with not enough to do to occupy their time as there are in Santa Fe.  There are a lot of good working class people in Alpine, a little bit more like in Espanola, New Mexico - the Low Rider Capitol of the Universe - which is another place I like to go and stay for a while that even has a movie house and is not Santa Fe, New Mexico.


As I may have mentioned, we like to stay at the Maverick Inn in Alpine.  It is a restored roadside motel owned by the same people that own the Holland Hotel in downtown Alpine, and I may be mistaken, but I think that the same people may also own the Gage Hotel in Marathon, the Paisano Hotel in Marfa, and other restored railroad hotels in Ruidosa, New Mexico and Boulder, Colorado.  Not sure if that is the case, and I am not advertising for anybody, but the feel is somewhat similar - nice places to stay in the Great American West.


We like the Maverick Inn, we always stay in a room with heavy timbers, and double doors opening to a huge double or maybe triple sized tub, though I must admit that other than our Catahoulas, we have never tested the capacity thereof.  Here is a website of photos of the rooms if anybody ever thinks that they might want to stay there while passing through.  The double doors to the bathroom and the big tub giveaway as to the room where we stay ... and, no, echeese, JimR, and streettopeschel, you will not be allowed to hold your summit in that tub while we are there!  Git your own room, dagnabit!






And here are some outside Maverick Inn photos ...




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I tried to upload a few pics from our trip last Spring Break, but for some reason, they're too big.  McDonald's Observatory, Museum of the Big Bend at Sul Ross, Santa Elena Canyon, the courthouse in Marfa and the Hotel Paisano were my highlights. 



Lots of good things to see and do ... also, all of that big empty is a good place to do nothing, too.

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