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******Myles Turner Commitment Thread (Turner Commits To Texas)******


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This thread will be where I will put tweets and predictions of the big time prospect Myles Turner. 


Here is a tweet from Jeff Goodman:


— Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011


My Prediction: 


I think all signs do point to Texas on this. SMU could sneak in at the last minute but I just don't see it. 


3:23 Update: Myles Turner Commits to UT. 

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We need one of them tacky horse race type animated graphics, except with cheesy mascot icons ... And heeeere they come doooown the backstretch with Bevo and that damned jayhawk flitting about Bevo's Longhorn ... Purina, er Peruna is back by three lengths of Bevo's Longhorn ... Oh, no! Peruna slips and tumbles in a strategically placed Bevo flop! ... Coming out the turn, Bevo snorts in derision ... Peruna really is Purina! ...  As Bevo and that pesky jayhawk thunder and flitter down the stretch, Kelly Oubre, is heard smirking from the stands, "Hey, Myles!  You can come to Kansas if you waannt to."  as, he stifles a yawn! ... Startled by this nonchalance, the jayhawk flits low to the ground ,,, and ... and ... the jayhawk is mincemeat as Bevo stomps him into the track ... and, and!  it is Bevo by his Longhorn!  And the crowd roars!!!  ;)

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Let the HYPE begin ...


"How he fits at Texas: I think Texas would have been a preseason top-10 team regardless of whether Turner chose the Longhorns, but his commitment ensures they start out as one of the nation's best teams."


I have been reading that we were going to be a top twenty team without him and a top ten team with him ... now the guys will have to keep themselves well grounded because the hype will get outrageous.  After what they went through last year, I think that they will be able to do so.

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