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******Texas vs Okie Light Friday Baseball Thread*****


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Had tball practice tonight so I am a little late to the party. Before y'all start the "you play tball?" jokes please keep in mind this is my first year. We are all at the same skill level :).


Hooked 'em, French is back! What a game and only two pitchers have touched the ball. Huge win tonight for the Horns.


Thanks for the updates joeywa & utbomb. See ya here tomorrow.

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The kid is money on defense.

Played shortstop and second base in high school I believe. Kid is going to be great at third with a little more practice/game time. 

Gurwitz and CJ both had very solid ABs tonight.  I like Gurwitz a bit lower in the order, as he brings some stick to a part of the order where we are weak.

True. I would swap Gurtwitz and Shaw, but that's just me. 

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A lot to like in tonight's game (beyond 3-0)...


1. That kind of win breathes confidence into the dugout. The guys can now look around with conviction and say, "those TCU pitchers were just hot at the right time". When you're 19 years old, there is a monumental difference between saying that and believing it.


2. Good at bats tonight. The Horns looked aggressive at the plate and took good swings for the most part. Winning 3-0 against two solid pitchers is not representative of the good contact made by the Texas lineup. They didn't all fall (far from it), but Texas drove the ball well tonight.


3. I was very pleased to see Skaugie pull French when they did. Typically those two will leave a starter in until he's out of gas. Tonight, they managed the rotation instead of letting the rotation manage. Well done, gents.


4. I like it that Wheeland threw a lot of pitches on Friday night. That bodes well for Saturday & Sunday.

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Good thoughts Matt. Agree with all of them.  Was very glad to see Skip/Augie pull French.  We have a nasty bullpen, might as well use it. 


Also of note, I was at my son's HS game with PDX Horn.  Standing on the fence down the 1B line, iPad out watching LHN, PBP on my phone.  PDX was laughing at me.  I'm dedicated! 

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A few tidbits about tonight's game:

  • 7th shutout for this Longhorn pitching staff; the most since 2011, (13)
  • 13th mutli-hit game for Gurwitz
  • 11th multi-hit game for CJ
  • Hollingsworth has an 11 2/3 inning scoreless streak; 1.03 ERA; 1st career save
  • French lowered his 2.27 ERA to 2.08
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