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Problems Continue for Will Muschamp at Florida


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"There were uncontrollable factors in last year's demise, like injuries and rotten luck. And every spiraling team has chemistry problems. But if Harrison's take is right, what happened last year goes deeper than the standard choreography of a losing team."


I've always wondered if we dodged a bullet with Coach Boom. The 2010 Horns had chemistry problems as the season progressed with rumors of fractures between the offense and defense. Didn't Muschamp and G Davis have a heated argument after one of the losses? Although he was a HCIW, seems like he was not ready for the HC yet.

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agree WM got screwed here and agree we dodged a bullit. the conventional wisdom was WM wasn't ready and it's on full display now. I do like Muschamp tho so I hope he pull it together and puts on a decent enough show this year.

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I was a huge Coach Boom fan. I even applauded the coach in waiting designation as I thought if anyplace could do it correctly, Texas could.


Then it happened.


One night I heard a commotion out my hotel room door. It was very late, the night before a game. I went to the peep hole and tried the best it could to listen to what was going on. It was a fight between two players, best I could tell, I girls was involved. It appeared the girl either had just left or was downstairs. It was about to get physical when Coach Boom showed up with The UT Police Hall Monitor. The volume of the conversation went to a lower decibel and I strained to hear what was being said but I did get a good idea.


Turns out a defensive starter HAD crossed the line and the other player, a reserve, had called him out on it. The reserve player left and went back to his room after a few minutes. Coach Boom put his arm around the defensive starter and they talked for about 10 minutes. They both left and I never heard anything about the incident again.


Some may see this as an example of Coach Boom successfully handling the situation but I saw it differently. If what I believe happened then it went way past just a stern talking to. In fact the term, every time we're here, was used. It was clear to me Coach Boom made the decision to not hold a player accountable to the rules due to.....well, I don't know.


I remained silent about him after that. I always kept out of the debate on whether he should have been made Coach or not. I just wasn't sure based on my experience.

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