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I don't really agree with the angst regarding swoops not redshirting last year. That would not make him any better at this point in his career. Now it could have an effect down the road but not now.

You're right Bear. Swoopes needs to produce or get out the way to make room for someone else. With Heard coming, Ash recuperating and already given a medical redshirt from last year, then assuming Wittek comes.........and in the unlikely event we get a JC guy, we got qbs running out our ears...especially if we recruit another QB for the 2015 class that Charlie/Watson really like.


If things work out as I've described with recruiting/adding additional Qbs, I seriously doubt Charlie is going to redshirt Swoopes this year either. Heard...yes. Swoopes....no. 

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Yeah, they're busting on Darrell because we're saying that Max Wittek is basically here, but McCommas just started a thread saying that Strong is going after a JUCO QB...this a day after it was reported here in Crossfire.



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The news on Deoundrei Davis is good.  I was told he was not seen.  However, the guy that told me was not really looking for him.  His knee injury was unknown to me as well.


Nice scoop on the JUCO QB and Wittek as well.


Your site is picking them up and laying them down - as we say in Texas. :)

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