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Chip Brown leaving OB


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Just found the Texas site he's moving to for Scout.  Horns Digest at texas.scout.com  Interesting move no doubt for him and apparently it was an opportunity he couldn't pass up so good for him.  That site also announced a $4.95/month pay membership today with Chip's hiring which is eerily similar to what is already going on here.

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OT - I'm not familiar with Orange Bloods so I really have no dog in that hunt.  Other than I enjoy juicy gossip.  But what was the big flareup about OB mods/owners turning on the membership - or something like that?  Were they really that arrogant, if it were true?

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That is a big loss. They're going to have to look pretty hard to find someone to fill those shoes.  There are not many that have the kind of ties that Chip does to UT and the journalistic respect of so many.

Hopefully it isn't Randy Galloway.  :P

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Best wishes for Chip.


For all the crap he takes he has been a really good reporter. He tries to do things by confirmation and old school reporting which sometimes did not mesh with the "I need it NOW" mentality of the connected generation.


I found him to be a great source to balance the insiders information, that sometimes came so close to the source that the contect could be scewed. Both have their part to play and helped keep us in the know as much as possible.


I have been a member of OB since 03 and while I do not spend much time there anymore, thanks to HS, I did enjoy going over there and reading Chip's take on things.


One more, very big, reason thatI will be spending even less time over there.

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