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***Texas vs UT-Pan Am Tuesday Baseball Thread***


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Back to the top of the order for the 8th.


Marlow leads off


1-1 take

1-2 swing

Singles to RF; Marlow really squared up on that pitch.


Johnson up

Johnson slaps the first pitch into RF for a single; Marlow moves to 2B


Payton up

0-1 bunt foul

P looks back runner at 2B

Corners are in

0-2 bunt foul

1-2 away

Singles to CF; Marlow scores on the RBI single; runners on 1&2


Texas leads 5-4

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Situation: B8; Texas leads 5-4; Johnson on 2, Payton on 1; 0 outs; Tres up; new RHP Casas to bump for UTPA


Tres up

Bunts; FC 1-5; 1 down on the force out of Johnson.


Curtiss up in the UT pen


Shaw up

1-0 away

P tries to pick off Payton at 2B; he's safe

F8; 2 outs; Payton takes 3B on the tag.  He's just safe on the throw


Runners on corners


P appeals that Payton left early from 2B; ruled that Payton did indeed tag and left after the catch.


CJ up

0-1 take

1-1 just misses up

0-2 look

Slaps a dribbler to 2B; 4-3




Texas leads 5-4 after 8 complete

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Curtiss in to pitch for Texas


Final line on Culbreath .2IP/1H/1K/3BF 11 Pitches

Final line on Cooper 1.0IP/1H/1K/4BF 17 Pitches



1-0 away

2-0 in

2-1 take

2-2 fouled down left side; GREAT bare-handed snag by the gentleman with headphones on in the stands

3-2 just misses away

Single down the LF line; if Johnson doesn't get there as fast as he does, it's a double.



SAC; 1-3; 1 out; Ammon to 2B



0-1 take

0-2 look

1-2 away


2-2 fouled down LF line

2-2 fouled back

3-2 dirt

F6; 2 outs




1-1 fouled into stands



Texas wins




Final Book


Texas 5/9/1

UTPA 4/10/0


WP: Cooper

SV: Curtiss

LP: Padron

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A W is a W. on to the weekend.


Yep; wasn't pretty, wasn't flashy, in spots it was down right ugly.  But I'd be willing to bet in May, it still counts as a W in the scorebook, and style points won't get you much in the way of more W's. 


This team needed a challenging game to get their heads back into the game, because this weekend is going to be a test. 

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Slim forgot to tell Ben Johnson that homeruns aren't allowed at DFF.


yep, we're absolutely awash with runaway offense.  next thing you know, the ncaa will be descending on Disch Falk to test ben johnson for steroid abuse and dumbing down the bats even more because we're returning to gorilla ball.  


what does that make leaving the yard over at DFF this year?  2?

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Matt, I think Slim's meds need to be reviewed.  He's been all grumpy since TCU weekend. 


I'm not so sure that he'd smile right now if an entire flock of double-breasted mattress thrashers landed on his lawn, each carrying a bottle of scotch and singing him praises. 

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