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Crossfire: Give Me 20


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How long of a recovery process is a Jones fracture? If Wittek chooses Texas how soon could he arrive to begin learning the play book and begin working on timing with the receivers? What is the plan for the spring game as far as the set up? A full game atmosphere like it has been or more situational set up? Does the format change at all now that Ash is hurt?

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Looking forward to it.

Knowing the coaches we had a shot at and missed out on. I think CS and his staff will help us forget all that. But we still have to give him and the staff time to bring in there kids what do you think? My friends y'all have agreat day

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So the big $ donors aren't really responding to Patterson's fund raising efforts around a new Tennis facility.  What are the BMDs thoughts on Patterson's efforts to schedule games in Mexico and internationally as opposed to working on scheduling more high profile games at DKR.  Are the BMDs unhappy with Patterson overall and if so, can you elaborate?


Also, what's the latest on conference expansion or realignment?

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Is bringing Florida State and Clemson, or somebody else, to the Big 12 a pipe dream?  Or is this something that is realistic?   

If I may?


Consider the status quo of conferences right now.  Then consider the ACC whoop-de-doo with the Maryland litigation.  While you are at it, take a look at the imbalance of the Big 12, the SEC, the B1G and, yes, the ACC.  Don't forget the coming 4 team playoff system, whereby every major conference has a divisional playoff with the exception of the Big 12.  Listen to what has been said by the  conferences that no likey the "unfairness" of the Big 12 not playing a CCG.


You got all that?  Now let's follow a money trail - which is all that counts anyway.


The Big 12 membership likes the idea of of not sharing revenues with 2 more teams.  Ten is just dandy, unless they consider the possibility of ESPN and Fox re-structuring their contracts to raise the revenues to accommodate two extra teams.  Ah ha!  This also means a CCG is just one more game to increase more revenues.  Add this game to the already agreed upon game between the Big 12 and the SEC runner ups and things ($$$) are getting tasty.

So there is now a $$ motivation to consider expanding and what teams could, also, bring in additional revenues on their own merits and add that many more TV sets as well?  BYU?  Not bad, there are a hell of a lot of Mormons in the US.  FSU,  just the state of Florida and a national powerhouse as well.  Louisville?  The northeast part of the country.  Clemson?  A football school for sure - but they haven't shown any interest lately.


Notice how everything actually ties into the big bucks?



Expansion is coming - count on it.  The time table is unknown, but it just can't be too far off.


This is my opinion.

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darrell, i shall like to admit that i was a bit excited to reference the OB's recent article indicating the "sums / cost" of some of the newly proposed venue's that are now coming into play upon the "40 acres". however, i must readily admit to being completely stunned, as i read the part about "some of the bmd's being somewhat reluctant to participate as per the fund raising efforts towards the newly proposed ($15 million) UT TENNIS CENTER".  it now seem's that "time" has now become of the essence, since the money shall need to be raised within a very short amount of time.


Q  why oh why, are there certain individual's that are constantly placing a "black eye" upon the "texas" fundraising machine.  "texas" is constantly voicing to the world upon just how very "rich" our athletic programs are.  and yet we seem to have difficulty coming together to raise the necessary funding, to build a 15$ million dollar facility.  whereby, schools like (alabama, aTm, oregon, oklahoma, osu, fsu,) just to name a few, are grabbing the momentum, and moving forward as per their capital programs, with seemingly little to no problems at all?  just what on earth is really happening to "texas" upon this front?


Q  darrell, shall it be at all possible, to reach a clear and comprehensible clarification, as per our latest (FOB) in regards to just what is exactly going on, upon regards to our quarterbacking situation?  everyday, as you are keenly aware, we are digesting all forms of hearsay in regards to (max witteck, tyrone swoopes, david ashe) etc..  no one is really naive here darrell.  it's just that the "propaganda" machine is in overdrive.   and i for one, believe that it is getting way out of hand.  how is swoopes really coming along in practice?  what kind of a real impact can a basic (unknown) such as "witteck" really make upon the "40 acres"?  and shall the other "xiii" school's be more than happy to play against him?  shall david ashe, really become the fully confident quarterback, that a potential "powerhouse" school such as "texas" shall need to become relevant again?

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OK. after ignoring my multi-part question about realignment and the future of the NCAA/ & D4, I get it. Either you don't want to talk about those topics or you don't have any info. Can you at least give a guess as to when some info will be coming out or how soon this becomes a major issue? Any more thought about Texas or the B12 and the option of Louisville and FSU?

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Time for our requisite basketball question.  Is Justin Simon a realistic possibility as a point guard recruit for Texas in 2015, is that just a pipe dream, or is it too early to tell?  Is he going to be a point guard in college, or do you think he is more of a wing, off the ball, player?

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