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Give Me 20 For The Q & A


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Expansion info with Louisville & FSU was most welcome. I'm sure all is riding on the Maryland case. Have heard that Northwestern unionization case & the lawsuit/move toward full cost schollies is causing some to reconsider football. Heard teams in 3 out of the power 5 are debating cost/benefit of big boy football or just football all together. What are you hearing in this regard, the NCAA/D4 separation, and the expansion/contraction/merger front? How do Fox/ESPN fit into/enable/limit this? Any timelines/prognostications?

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Am curious what positions are most at risk for attrition due to kids deciding they don't want to continue in the non-country club atmosphere previously in place.  Actually, attrition can be for a variety of reasons including lack of playing time or injury history etc.  In general, just curious what positions are most at risk.


Also, has there been any more discussion about Brewster eventually coming back as the TE coach if/when Chambers moves into a different role with Player personnel or H.S. Relations Director?

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What percentage of members here before it became a paid site have signed up for the premium service?

What number of premium members do you need to make a go of it?

What ever that number is I am wishing you good luck. I have no complaints.

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Q  darrell, "longhorn nation" is currently keeping abreast, as per any and all related issues springing forth in regards to our prospective recruit "myles turner" as well our "missouri" commitment .  however, just what is the current "vibe" as per our current players, in regards to these two high profile prospective recruits?  what are they saying, what are they feeling, what kind of "chemistry" should us fans be expecting,  are they thinking "final four" should both player's arrive upon the "40 acres"?  what gives, upon this most important front, as per our current basketball player's?


Q  darrell, as per last week's "crossfire"...  i recall a few of the excerpts as per "FOB's" statements regarding "players" wanting to transfer to "texas".  i found these new revelations intriguing.  what is the "real" story behind this new found "momentum" in regards to "players" now eyeing "texas"?  this new regime, has not yet "run out of the tunnel" during an actual game thus far.  therefore, what is with these subtle hints of excitement?                   



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Since no one seems to want to label or limit the type of offense we will run, can you describe it a bit better for us or give examples of teams running similar o. I'm talking generalities, since I'm not smart enough to understand some of the specific jargon and techniques, but then others may.

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McPhaul, have you ever considered going solo on the Crossfire publication. I found Hornsports as a result of reading a Crossfire. I would have never even known what Hornsports was without Crossfire.


If you were to leave Hornsports and offer a Crossfire weekly newsletter, how much would you charge?

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