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From the mouth of a Texas HS Coach

Lord Vader

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Texas will lose to Baylor, OU, and Oklahoma St. In each game, the opposing offense will run at least 85 plays against the UT Defense. Same guy also said UTs D will be on the field for an average of 85 plays a game all year and the team will give up an average of 50 points per game. He's a golf coach. Also wouldn't bet me $500 on those averages, but would bet me $5000 that this will happen AND Charlie Strong will be gone (presumably fired) after the 2015 season.


Daniel Craig Leatherman of Huntsville ISD, we will have to revisit this after the season.


Some other predictions:


Daniel Craig Leatherman They will have 40 or more scored on them at least 5 times. I don't even know their schedule but they're in the weak ass big 12 so who knows


Daniel Craig Leatherman Oklahoma ok state Baylor will all put up 40 plus


My reply to that statement:


Johnny Whisenant Well with their offense on the field for 85 plays in each game they better score something right?


Daniel Craig Leatherman Yep and they will


Johnny Whisenant They'll run 85 offensive plays? Alrighty, we'll have to revisit this after each game and see how UT managed to not get its offense on the field for one snap.


Daniel Craig Leatherman Lol (name redacted) this is too easy



The lesson here: Don't be a troll.

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I am reminded I wish I had persued a career in coaching when I left the Marine Corps. . .


Somehow 3 schools who couldn't break 40 last year are going to put up 50 on a defense that likely doesn't fall off much. . .yet all 3 will lose critical offensive players. . . .


And we'll be grinding the clock with our run game. . ..i'll go out on a limb and say NO ONE runs 85 plays vs us next season . .. .


Then I notice this line: He's a golf coach

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Apparently used to be a football coach but got moved out of that spot. Out of respect for the media guy who started the conversation that went here I told the guy Id let him save face and walk from the conversation, but Ive always thought if you are going to talk out of your rear end be ready to get called to the carpet on it.

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