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HS Members: Drop Down and Give me 20


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Was Scott's dismissal from the team one of many missteps?


Does Charlie Strong have a zero tolerance policy?


Speaking of that, do you believe that Coach Strong has a dossier of all players who have been disciplined for breaking rules in the past? If so, have they been put on notice?


How are the players responding to the recent dismissals?

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From the Horns Digest article, all four HS coaches liked Coach Strong, but ranked in-state recruiting as ATM, Baylor, and UT (smh at Baylor). What is more important to "leapfrog" Baylor...relationships, or winning? Was Chambers retained because he was a former HS coach?

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greetings darrell, 1. are there any current "rumblings" regarding the proposed "two story practice facility"? as you may attest, just a month or so ago... this was a particular hot item as per discussions upon many "longhorn nation" websites. could there be a current status? or is this prospective edifice, now being considered upon alignment as per the expansion of "dkr"? 2. you may or may not have a direct answer as per this particular query... therefore, a "guesstimate" shall indeed suffice. do you really believe that "atm" shall have there new football palace open for business at the start of the 2014 gridiron season as they are ambiguously vs ambitiously proposing? even the "walking dead corpses" may see that there is indeed a monumental task of on hand construction work currently underway, upon their "college station" work zone. just how on earth could they possibly finish in time as per this season?

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