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Louisville Recruit- Not Good


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You are a few days behind on the news. It looks as if the Bobby Petrino circus is not going to disappoint.


“What happened, according to the allegations, was experimental activity between two teenagers,” Watson said. “One child would have been slightly over 16 [at the time of the incident], the other approximately 14 … not something that would be all that extraordinary in human behavior.”



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i don't have any cousins i'd want to experiment with, but then i'm not from arkansas


The kid is actually from Florida, but he seems to fit well into Appalachian culture. Petrino is going to be the gift to the world of comedy that just keeps on giving. Now, does he bring the kid on campus and humiliate him every Saturday when people say "Oh, yea, THAT kid." Or, does he let the kid go on with the rest of his life playing two years at some junior college?

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This is sad, very sad, for everyone involved. Lives have been changed, forever.


I work with a number of adolescents, and I can verify that for many of them there is no clear distinction between right and wrong. The lines, that were once so clear, are blurred. Why? It cannot be attributed to single parent families. I can give countless examples of individuals brought up in single parent families that are upstanding, productive citizens. It cannot be attributed to socio-economic status, though that can make supervision more difficult. Anyone that uses these situations as a cause, is looking for an excuse. It is simply noise.


My opinion is that this type of tragic incident is due to 'absent parenting', due to drugs, laziness, indifference, selfishness, illness, or due to a young person absent a moral compass, regardless of guidance received.


Really sad, particularly for the baby.

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