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2015 Recruiting Season is in full swing


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I know what you mean, but we did lose our last two games of the season by a combined score of 79-17. Ugh,

So, pulling a top 10 class in light of that has to be somewhat exciting yes? It should be.

We filled almost all needs, with talent.


-- a complete starting unit for the defense (tailored for this conference)

-- 6 OLs, including 4 EEs, two of whom are plug-n-play JUCOs

-- a 4-star dual threat QB

-- a LB class for the ages (including #1 ranked player in state)

-- serious talent at WR

-- a big TE who can catch and scoot!!!

-- best RB in the state - Chris Warren (I think/hope)


Instead of wondering what the class would have looked like with Murray and Mack, perhaps its better to ask what would the class look like without Malik Jefferson.

Wonderful post!

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I'm excited  about this class with what the Horns have currently (committed) coming:


3. 5 OL for Wickline to work with (one will probably be a starter next year in Hodges);





6 OL:


Early Enrollees:


Brandon Hodges

Tristan Nichelson

Connor Williams

Garret Thomas


Ronnie 'Buck' Major

Patrick Vahe

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Dang you Mr. Grande.  it took some time to type up mine and you just pop yours out.  I guess we were thinking along the same lines at least.  I just can't compete with your speed.  Plue my wife keeps interupting me. I bow down to the Grande.


Tell her HornSports is more important for the next 24+ hrs. Get your priorities straight, man.  ;)

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So with Mack and Soso out, who is left tomorrow besides Warren?




Ok, so


31 Schollies

-6 EEs (Malik, Vasser, Hodges, Nichelson, Williams, Thomas)


-19 (Hill, Boyd, Davis, Elliott, Townsend, Wheeler, Hager, Cherry, Omenihu, Lampkin, Locksley, McNeal, GJohnson, Burt, KJohnson, Houston, Clarington, Major, Vahe)


- Warren



Newsome, Soso, Baker, Reed, Lodge, Lewis, the Purdue TE, 1 Grad Transfer QB

Schollie for Merrick?

Something kicked to 2016?



What is your call on the last few spots?


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I'm excited  about this class with what the Horns have currently (committed) coming:


1. Have an excellent set of LBs;

2. Dynamic secondary (3 solid CBs and 1 underrated S);

3. 5 OL for Wickline to work with (one will probably be a starter next year in Hodges);

4. RB depth in Houston (possibly K. Johnson, but I see him as more a Daje type back or a S);

5. Potential starter at DE in Vasser and two development DEs in Charles O and Hager;

6. A QB that can compete right now;

7. A high quality TE in Clarington (haven't had one in a while);

8. Two big, physical WRs in Burt and Johnson;

9. One physical ATH in McNeal that can play a WR spot or eventually move to the H-Back position;

10. A developmental QB in Merrick; and

11. a DT in Lamkin that might see the field this year due to depth (would've liked one more for depth)


Even if the Horns just add Warren tomorrow, that's a good to potentially great class to build from.  So yeah, I'm excited about this class

The WR, CB, LB, and RB (adding Houston and Johnson) haul definitely upgraded the skill positions tremendously. We should have a lot more speed, albeit young, on the field next year. 


But 2016, we have to address the OL and DL. We missed some blue chippers.

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I'm just curious what happened to the 18 recruits fighting for 9 spots, if I recall something from Higdon. Did we believe we were too tight and potentially turned some away? With my tin hat on, were we trolled by a couple of these blue chippers?


I know Strong hates to lose, whether games or recruiting battles. if it got dirty at the end, I hope he goes scorched earth on some HS coaches.


I think I need another cup of decaf.



As solid as the class is, we did not play it perfectly


IMO, despite 6 OLs, we should have taken one or two more.  We should not have let  Teuhema and Weathersby escape.


We should have won for Mack.  We are Texas after all.  I think this is the one shortcoming on the defensive side of this class -- no rock in the middle of the DLine


We should have had a backup plan ready to go in case irvin dropped us.  We should have anticipated that possibility given his relationship with TRob.  Plus, look at the depth chart - there is no one left for the nickel spot.  We have been scrambling to land another the last few days (Locke, Ketchum).  Kind of surprising since we seem to have had backup plans for everything else


Losing Gentry was a big risk.  It is going to work out, but it was still risky as hell.  if we had gone though all this with only Merrick to show at QB, it would have reflected very poorly on Strong & Watson and our other recruiting staff.  And it would have set us back possibly another season or even two.  Huge risk


Missing Soso will be bad, but if we land Warren it will not seem near as bad.  But what really will suck is that he was there for us, we just dropped the ball by not staying in constant contact with him (he loves Texas).  He admitted all this, I am not guessing


We didn't impress Lodge either.  But we worked around it.  I am happy with this WR class.  But, still, it could have been even better with Lodge.  I think the big, speedy. physical WRs give you a market advantage in the environment we play in.  We whiffed on Strickland too who also fits this mold.


Anyway, just being honest.  This class will stand as both a great accomplishment and a springboard for Strong's turnaround of this program (just like his fist big class was at Louisville).  It will rate a B+ to A-.  But could have been an A+.

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Honestly I'm pretty happy having heard or locksley running our offense if we are moving to the spread. One of the two have to be good enough to do better then we did this last year.

I don't think we're moving to the spread. Tweaking the offense with a few spead principles and an increased QB run game mixed in but I don't see us going to the spread.

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Great reading through those tweet embeds a couple pages back.

Notice the gratitude and appreciation and profound JOY of these guys who are so ready to sign the fax and start the Dream.

...Get on the Train...

I totally agree with you.these kids seem ready to go to war for UT and for each other.



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