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Can The Cowboys Get A Repeat of 1992?

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The Cowboys were good in 1991 but needed some holes filled.


The 92 Cowboys needed four defensive starters, one pass rushing end, one at linebacker and two in the secondary. On offense, they needed a right side, a right guard and a tackle. Sound familar?


So what did that team do in the off season..They traded a couple of picks for Charles Haley, another for RG John Gesek and yet another to Pittsburgh for Thomas Everett.


Their first two picks in the 92 draft they got LCB Kevin Smith and LB Robert Jones. To add to this they added S Darren Woodson, who would play sparingly in 92 but become greatness after that. They also had a young T in Erik Williams, in the pipeline, and his emergence allowed the team to move Nate Newton from RT to LG.


They did it without free agency, which was a couple of years away. Three veterans and three rookies. The fix was accomplished and the team went on to three Super Bowl wins.


In the pipeline, hopefully, is Bruce Carter and David Arkin, who the Cowboys strength and conditioning coach has been working with all season. Try and land a Pass Rusher, a CB, another OG/C and a S.


No on said it would be easy but if the Cowboys can do what they did in 92, without the benefit of free agency, this team should be able to make a dent. Do it and we could be looking good come playoff time.

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The Cowboys should be a favorite to make the Super Bowl beginning the season next year. They have the talent and if they manage to draft smart they can improve the secondary which is a MUST.

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