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Silent Commitment - Poona Ford

HornSports Staff

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I went back. . .in the BcS era there was only one year where the BcS would have had a legit problem with a 5th team qualifying if you used winning the conference and head to head as qualifying issues. . .


And frankly the computers were more accurate than the humans. . .wish they had kept them even if just for reference . ..


The logistics of a 16 team playoff simply will not work. . .unless you use the 1st weekend in Dec as round 1 with conference title games. . . the higher ranked team can either host the game or it can be held at a neutral location ....this would require teams like ND and BYU to join conferences (which would work). . .the 1st round losers would not be eligible for "non-playoff" bowl games.. .call me old fashion but don't want to see the bowl system destroyed. ..


The interesting unintended consequences of this. . .the minor bowls would have even better matchups as more quality teams become available. ..


It's coming anyway but this would be the next step to the super conferences where you have 4 conferences of 16-20 teams each. . .B1G, Pac, SEC and some merger of BigXII/ACC. . . .


You play the conference title games 1st weekend in Dec then the kids have time for finals. .


Use the top remaining bowls for playoffs in a similar rotation to the current title game with bowls like Peach, Capitol One, Fiesta, Orange making up the 4 locations for the quarter finals. . .these bowls could be slotted one per time zone with a game Friday night and a Sat triple header. . .as most colleges are off between fall and spring for 30 days . . .at worst the title game only impacts the 1st week of classes. . .


Semi Finals work as the current playoffs do with a rotation of venues and the prior year's title game drops back to host a quarter final game the following year then 2 years in the semi final rotation .. .


You see I have no problem with the bowl system going away. The ratings are by and large abysmal except for the biggest of games, they are poorly attended and no one really cares


A 16 team and eventually 24 team playoff would creat huge interest, huge ratings, sold out games etc


It isnt that much of a problem logistically


First round would be first weekend in Dec and you would be down to 8 teams ( assuming a 16 team playoff) That can easily be managed after exams and would only require 3 more weekends to finish.

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"I just spoke with four-star defensive tackle Poona Ford who told me he had a great visit this weekend and now the Horns are standing out in a good way. "It was really good," said Ford. "I had a lot of fun. You could say that Texas is definitely the favorite right now."
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