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OT: Horn Sports Official GIF Thread

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That manning sack was reminiscent of the Farve collapse vs strahan sack from a few years ago. Only difference is Manning Jr actually made contact with his effort.


Alright, referenced the wrong post above...feel free to extrapolate to the manning clip. Have no clue on this clip, "smart phone" not able to view it at this time, could have set myself up for a good comeback but I will never know!

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— Twitter API (@twitterapi) November 7, 2011




aggy would have to be bugger.

What does bugger smell like?




Others --

Baylor = the smell of an old Bible

Tech = a cattle feed lot (this is the actual smell in real life)

Kansas = chalk?

TCU = Dr. Pepper?

Iowa St. = corn fed hogs?

OSU = natty gas

ou = a wet fart

Would hate to guess UT since Austin is sometimes synonymous with the aroma of a certain medicinal herb






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aggy would have to be bugger.

What does bugger smell like?




Others --

Baylor = the smell of an old Bible

Tech = a cattle feed lot (this is the actual smell in real life)

Kansas = chalk?

TCU = Dr. Pepper?

Iowa St. = corn fed hogs?

OSU = natty gas

ou = a wet fart

Would hate to guess UT since Austin is sometimes synonymous with the aroma of a certain medicinal herb


Booger ... it's spelled, booger.  When I was a kid, a "booger " was a rambunctious rapscallion, or something you picked out of your nose.  Now, don't you tell me that you don't remember Booger Brooks from the Fred Akers days?  Thanks to Texas Rugby over at Hornfans.com back in 2008. I am gonna quote by one degree of removal an article about ol' Booger Brooks from the Austin American Statesman.  An article, I might add, that is probably no longer available in THEIR archive, but i am too lazy to go look it up to see for sure.  So for your reading enjoyment, I give to you with one degree of separation or maybe more, the story of Booger Brooks.




I remember this guy for his name only. But I heard he was all stud then *POOF* he vanished. I damn sure remember Brad Beck. Damn was all that really 30 years ago? A trip to the past:


Thirty years ago blue chip QB cashed out: Booger Brooks' life after UT football

By John Maher




Sunday, March 16, 2008

Thirty years ago, Charles "Booger" Brooks took his first trip in an airplane, as an orange Learjet picked him up in Midland and whisked him and another prized football recruit to Austin.


A week after that flight, Brooks signed to play for the Longhorns of coach Fred Akers. Of the Dallas Times-Herald's blue-chip list of the 15 prospects most wanted by Southwest Conference coaches, Brooks — a running quarterback from the West Texas town of Andrews — was one of seven to sign with Texas.


The Austin American-Statesman called it the best recruiting haul since the storied (Steve) Worster Bunch of 1967 and, noting that Booger also competed in rodeos, suggested that he might be a Longhorn version of Walt Garrison, the former Dallas Cowboys running back who did both sports.


Before he took a snap in a UT game, though, Brooks was gone. In the spring of his freshman year, he piled his belongings into his metallic green Grand Prix and put Austin and big-time college football in his rearview mirror, as he set off for West Texas.


Akers tried to talk him out of leaving, without success.


"You couldn't help but like Booger," the coach said, "but I guess he loved rodeoing and welding more than he did college."


Why would a football star turn his back on a college scholarship and campus celebrity? What alternate path did he choose, and where did it lead? And where in the world is Booger Brooks these days?


"If you find him, tell him I said hello," Akers said.


Booger tracking


Brad Beck was the Longhorns' leading rusher in the 1979 Sun Bowl, but his football career stalled, and he transferred to Eastern New Mexico University. He's now in Groom, a speck of a town in the Panhandle.


Back in 1978, he traveled to Austin with Brooks on that orange Learjet.


"We were suite mates" as freshmen, said Beck, a prep standout at Perryton. "He was a great guy. I've seen Booger a couple of times since college, but the last time was probably 15 years ago."


Akers hasn't heard much of anything of Brooks since he left Austin three decades ago. Neither has Donnie Little, the other touted quarterback in that recruiting class of 1978. Little, who was Texas' first black quarterback, now works in fundraising at the Longhorn Foundation and stays in touch with many Texas exes.


If Brooks ever won anything on the rodeo circuit, it didn't quickly bubble to the surface with a Google query. A phone number search on Switchboard.com is pointless for a common name like Charles Brooks in Texas, let alone the United States, as it would yield an unwieldy number of hits ... unless ... unless, after all these years, Brooks is still going by his schoolboy nickname. Last name: Brooks. First name: Booger. Search.




There is one hit for that name in the U.S. It's in San Angelo, about 150 miles from Andrews, the small town near New Mexico where Brooks was a high school star.


No one answered a phone call to that number, but the message on the answering machine is twangy enough to belong to a West Texas native.


After another try and then another, someone answers. Asked if he was the blue chip quarterback of 1978, the voice responds, "Yeah, I was on the cover of magazines and all that stuff."


Brooks said he had carried his nickname since childhood. He started playing football in Andrews in the seventh grade.


As a high school senior, the 190-pound Brooks rushed for 969 yards and passed for 489.


Those numbers are modest compared to some quarterbacks these days, but back then, many conference teams were looking for the next Rodney Allison, a dual threat quarterback who led Texas Tech to a 10-2 mark in 1976.


"Booger was kind of like Marty Akins," recalled Akers, referring to the Longhorns' successful quarterback from 1973-75. "He was a tough runner, and he had a lot of strength in his arm. In high school, most of his plays were rollouts and bootlegs, and at that time we were doing a lot of that. Booger was a very physical player, the kind of guy who also could have been a strong safety or an outside linebacker."


Brooks, like Beck, had been interested in Texas Tech, but reconsidered after Tech coach Steve Sloan left for the University of Mississippi. While almost all the SWC schools were interested in Brooks, he wasn't quite as up on the SWC.


Brooks said, "They all wanted me to come visit, but until I was a junior in high school I didn't know the difference between Texas and Texas A&M. I went for visits just in Texas, except for Nebraska. I stepped out of the plane and the cold wind knocked the breath out of me. I should have gone to Hawaii instead."


Booger at UT and beyond


Brooks arrived at Texas the year after tailback Earl Campbell picked up the school's first Heisman Trophy. In Campbell's final season, the Longhorns were ranked No. 1 for much of the season before being upset by Notre Dame in the 1978 Cotton Bowl.


Initially, Brooks feared Austin and the UT campus would "be too crowded to get to know anyone, but it wasn't like that at all ... I really liked the school and the town. I didn't want to leave."


But Booger had interests besides football. He started riding bulls before he started playing football, and he also learned to weld. In the summer of 1978, Brooks was making good money welding and apparently living high on the hog.


"I got a call from the coaches that were coaching an all-star game," Akers said. "He had showed up way over weight. He was out of shape and struggling and embarrassed. I went out there to West Texas and visited him. I told him I'd really like to have him at Texas and to give himself a chance. He said that all he wanted to do was get a well-equipped pickup truck and weld, and that he didn't think he needed college for that.


"I said playing football at Texas, you'll get a lot of free advertising, people will know you from your sports career. Take some business courses. You may end up owning the welding company. I said just give it a try. Go to the all-star game and let that be a start."


Brooks came to UT in the fall, and "he was OK as long as he was on the football field," Akers recalled. "When he got on the field, he worked, he did all the things you could want. He had the right temperament. He was a tough cookie."


Beck said, "In the spring they had him at running back. You couldn't tackle that guy. Then in the Orange-White game, they moved him back to quarterback. He was frustrated. The coaches were frustrated."


Brooks talked with Akers after that scrimmage, but he said by that time he'd had his car packed for two weeks. He was through with UT, but he wasn't completely done with football. He later enrolled at Angelo State at the urging of a coach.


"I laid out a year and then I went to spring practice, and later I played in two games," Brooks said. "One was in Taos, New Mexico. After the game we got back on the bus, and they gave us a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken to eat on the bus. That was our dinner. That was it for me."


Riding bulls, however, was still in his blood, and he would often hit a couple rodeos on weekends, mostly in Texas, but he also caught rides to places like Kansas City, Mo., and Denver.


"I probably rode 75 bulls a year," Brooks said. "I wish we'd made the kind of money they do now. The most I ever won was $10,000 in a weekend. The most for one check was $2,700."


Brooks said he won a bull riding event in Austin around 1984.


Other than a few concussions, the worst injury he received was a dislocated elbow that kept him from straightening his left arm. He was able to keep riding bulls until he was 35, welding and doing other construction work during the week. More recently he's worked in communication construction with fiber and telephone communications at Dyess Air Force Base near Abilene.


He's been married for 10 years to wife Lacy, and has a 7-year-old son, Asa Rio, and 6-year-old daughter, Skyler Sage.


The family lives with a couple of horses on 20 acres, about 15 miles north of San Angelo. That's close enough to the city for Brooks.


"I can't even stand San Angelo at 5 p.m.," he said.


The Brookses have a Chevy pickup. And a couple of Suburbans. And a Lexus.


"I've got everything paid for. Life is good," Brooks said.


Brooks said he doesn't go to games or watch much football on TV, but did enjoy the telecast of the Longhorns' BCS championship win over the University of Southern California a couple of years ago.


Did he miss anything when he left football?


"Cheerleaders," Brooks said half jokingly. "People were just a lot more serious about football than I was. To me it was always just a game."



Not a GIF, but a story well worth re-telling!



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For me Bieber is the aggie of celebrities.  Will be so glad when we have a football game.




Justin Bieber, Orlando Bloom Feud: Celebrities React, Take Sides





The feud between Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom is one for the ages. Earlier this week, the unlikely rivals faced off in Ibiza, Spain, when Bloom, 37, allegedly attempted to punch Bieber, 20. 

Add in social media jeers, rumors of Bieber's flirtation with Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr, and a much-circulated photo of Bloom with Bieber's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, and it is the perfect storm of juicy drama. 


Edging on the rivalry turf once occupied by those sporting Team Jacob v. Team Edward shirts, and declaring their allegiance to Team Jennifer or Team Angelina, fans and celebrities are weighing in on the great Bieber/Bloom Feud of 2014. Unfortunately for the young Biebs, he is gaining very few supporters outside of his own Beliebers. 

Former child star Drake Bell addressed the Beliebers, writing: "Can you kids start looking up to a good person?!"

Actress Alyssa Milano kept her stance simple, tweeting: "#TeamOrlando."


Ray Donovan star Kerris Dorsey added some perspective: "Let's be honest- the real crime here is the fact that Justin Bieber has taken up wearing a fedora."

Jimmy Fallon riffed on The Tonight Show: "Orlando Bloom apparently threw a punch at Justin Bieber last night during an argument at a nightclub. Orlando's hand was pretty sore today. You know, from all the high fives he got."

Arrow actor Stephen Amell wrote: "Orlando Bloom didn't try to punch Bieber. It looks like he tried to flick him in the head. That's way, WAY better."

Comedian Michael Ian Black added: "Pretty miserable and depressed, a little bit about Israel/Gaza but more about Bieber/Bloom."


Director Joseph Kahn tweeted: "If Orlando Bloom beats up Justin Bieber, then Orlando Bloom is The One."

The Colbert Report's Stephen Colbert joked: "Orlando Bloom was in LOTR, married Miranda Kerr AND punched Justin Bieber? By my count his monkey paw only has 2 fingers left."

Former child actress and writer Mara Wilson marveled: "Orlando Bloom punched Justin Bieber? My teenage crush punched this generation's teenage crush!"

Grown-up Disney performer and The Voice contestant Jordan Pruitt took a serious note, writing, "It's really sad to me that the very person Justin Bieber has become, is the exact person he said he wouldn't... Before he was famous. Smh."

Scandal star Josh Malina tweeted: "This Justin Bieber/Orlando Bloom thing is the first time I've been interested in a featherweight match."


Australian football star Hamish Hartlett chimed in: "Anyone else happy that Orlando Bloom struck Bieber today? I am."

Nikita alum Devon Sawa wrote: "'That Bieber kid tried to punch an elf and they're all watching a movie about Sharks and Tornados' -- people in other countries."

Sports Illustrated model Chrissy Teigen added: "Nothing better then a girl's dinner. Except justin bieber deleting Instagram disses that's also fantastic."

Comedian Josh Gondelman said: "Orlando Bloom threw a punch at Justin Bieber, and it's like, why does he get to live all my dreams?"



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