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Bitter cold temps heading our way?


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Was reading somewhere today that the weather bloggers are saying another extreme cold streak is coming, supposedly around the time of the Super Bowl. Temperatures in the DFW area to be around between 0 and 5 degrees.


Did not say whether or not any precip would be associated with it.


Anyone hear anything about this? Where's Teco?





50 degrees below normal temps?

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I know it's hot here in Texas but damn it, I'm ready for it to be hot again. This has been the earliest and coldest winter that I can remember for some time. We haven't had any good ice storms in the houston area though. I can do Upper 30's at night, upper 60's in the afternoon. But waking up to 19 degrees like I did two weeks ago... nope, that's why I live in Texas.

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Heard anything new on this? Looks like this was supposed to hit next week, going off the graphic.



Those ingredients did not come together as first predicted. What is happening now in Austin and Central/South Texas is the result. The coldest section of air of course went further east and we're now getting reinforcing cold air and the only moisture to be found is in Central and South Texas - coming from both the Gulf and the Pacific. Points north of say Temple are going to stay dry but very cold.


We're supposed to get another arctic blast next week, we'll see how that comes together.


It will sure be interesting to see if that East Coast cold grip stays intact for the Super Bowl. NYC has a foot of snow right now and very cold. Temps are not going to go above freezing there for several days.


I'm about to go start a fire in the fireplace now. :)

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The cold is brutal when it hits Texas, but maybe this'll make you feel better. I'm going back to Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada on Sunday. Here's the forecast: -28!



I've never been in temps below 0. I've seen 0, but nothing below 0. I can only imagine what that's like.


From time to time I watch a re-run of the Ice Bowl and just can't understand how they made it through that. I recall some of the things Bob Lilly said about playing in that game. Both teams played a bigger opponent that day.

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