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" somebody will be coaching two positions that's the key here"


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So far this week it's been Watson, Riley, Joker, Shanahan, Morris, Groh, Frost, Herman, and so on. Yep, nobody has a clue.


none of us do and the one that appears to know because he knows Charlie Strong wont tell anyone. The world without leaks

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Thinking WR/TE will be combined and the OC won't coach a position. Same way the D is set up.


This is correct. WR/TE is sometimes combined (like "DBs" and "DL") into "receivers. It actually makes the most sense of any position to combine, sense all WRs have to block and TEs hypothetically (not in UT's case) have to catch nowadays. The only major difference is size.


I think it's pretty obvious by now that Chambers isn't going to be TEs coach anymore. So we're bringing in a guy (likely a recruiting rainmaker) to coach all receivers, while Watson coaches QBs and the new OC coaches nobody. Question is what we do if Watson ends up taking the Ravens OC job like it was rumored he might if Caldwell got the Lions job.


In that case, the new OC likely takes QBs, the rainmaker receivers coach takes only WRs, and Chambers stays at his undeserved TE position (or we get smart and go get Tim Brewster to coach TEs immediately).

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