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Shawn Watson New QB Coach


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Watson has also coached the tight end and wide receiver position. "Firmed up" could easily mean they are trying to figure out where to plug Watson (either at TE, WR, or QB coach). It actually happens a lot in coaching searches. You get a coach you want, and try to figure out where he fits best.

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Watson has also coached the tight end and wide receiver position. "Firmed up" could also easily mean they are trying to figure out where to plug Watson (either at TE, WR, or QB coach).


It could also mean he could be named OC (in addition to QB coach) at a later date depending on other options Watson might be entertaining, or falling short of one or more of our OC targets, etc. That or what you said are certainly possibilities. Both of them.

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I agree. It wouldn't surprise me if Watson is named a co-coordinator like Wyatt. Wouldn't really bother me either, if someone else is really the one making the offensive calls. Giving Watson a co-coordinator title may have been the only way for Strong to keep Watson, while really demoting him.

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I feel like Coach Strong is giving Watson some time and cover to interview with the NFL teams that are interested in him as a QB coach. I have read that the Ravens are in contract talks with him and I guess that Bohls tweeted other NFL teams had interest in him. It seems like to myself anyway, that if Strong and Watson are as close as you would think they are, that Strong is doing Watson a solid favor. He looks a lot better as an employed member of the UT staff than he does as a guy that was left behind. I am not one of the guys that have been against Watson being hired. I don't think I have posted anything on him at all. But I think when its all said and done, Watson will be on another staff. Again, this is just how I feel, no sources or inside info.

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Well multiple other sources say the players were told he was the QB coach so I'm not going to just assume that's wrong because the Austin paper didnt confirm last night.


If he was the OC he would have been announced as the OC to the players. It's more than clear another hire is trying to be made

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Here is something new on Bridgewater that reveals alittle about Watson.





Thanks to the sophisticated stratagems of Watson’s West Coast offense, Bridgewater is regarded as the most NFL-ready quarterback in the 2014 draft class.


“His experience in a true pro-style offense has helped him tremendously,†NFL Films analyst Greg Cosell said. “They asked him to do a lot at the line of scrimmage. He knows how to read fronts. He knows how to read coverages before the snap. … He understands a lot of the subtleties of the position.â€


* * * *



IL: What about your offense helped prepare Teddy for the pros?


Watson: The offense is based on the quarterback being a decision maker and a game manager. When they watch Teddy, they can see those things on film. It’s a full-field read offense. You have to have a deep understanding of coverages and defensive football.


When you see Teddy play, you see him using all of his throws. We did throw some bubble screens or perimeter screens, but the majority of his work is being done off a five-step or seven-step drop or a deep play-action drop. Or blowing the ball down the field and attacking the deep coverage. By and large, that’s what the NFL game is.


The next aspect I think they saw was his ability to manage the check game at the line of scrimmage (calling audibles). The quarterback has got to be able to beat the defensive coordinator at the line of scrimmage and eliminate any perfect defensive calls.


He did a beautiful job of readjusting our protections. He was the perfect student for the system, with the perfect skill set.




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