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Do we have any insiders/BMD's left that have a clue as to what is going on?


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The inside information will flow again. When you get a clean house like this a lot of former sources that the BMDs, Insiders, and reporters had are gone. However there will be new sources developed, there always is. You will also find that there will be some new insiders (legit) based on relationship with new coaches or staff.

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Still wondering what's going on with Saban. Anyone here know???


Ohh yeah.... he said No! Behind the scenes.... Patterson said "you and your agent can go f*ck yourselves, you calk me and interview like everyone else. It wasn't pretty...

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Lol I don't have any other handles on this site. Just curious about Saban and know this is the place to get info about him.


You mean the saban story Mcphaul reported on and inside Texas reported on extensively that has now even been backed up by Kirk bohls in print and in interview on Paul finebaum? You're clearly taking a shot but the saban story was never fake. It didn't work out as Patterson and powers didnt want him. Even bohls admits this

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No the McPhaul story that Well, son, was Saban 100% to Texas, son,


The McPhaul who then said the only reason Saban didn't come, son, was because mack wavered on retirement date.


The McPhaul who then said Saban still in play,


And, the Bohl's who said Saban was never in play by the people who matter, Powers and Patterson. '


Well, son, that's the one that's being referenced.


Bohls confirmed what MP and JS had been saying for a good while. The power people thought they had saban before and even again after he signed his bama extension. Bohls had a donor tell him they thought saban was well in play even the week before strong was hired. I don't get why people would even spend time at this site if they are gonna take shots at the guy. He reported what he was told. He felt saban was coming because his sources felt saban was coming. There are multiple insiders who will tell you saban was locked in with an agreement on terms until Mack's retirement dragged on too long. Patterson was then hired and things changed. Even some mods on OB have admitted had that gone down differently there was a good shot of saban to Texas. Jason S. Has admitted that. Either way to bash MP over the saban stuff when it's very clear that situation was not fake is silly

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