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Sounds like Morris is out

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It's not about the amount of the buyout folks. It's the return on investment. Paying that much isn't the issue. The issue is paying that much and he throws up two fingers out the door to a HC position. That's too much for a coordinator. As someone stated above, I believe he has to pay taxes on that. Not a good deal overall no matter who the coordinator is.

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Multiple sources (OB and others) are saying that the buyout is too difficult.





If you dont mind that this if from another site ...


BC put together some info, mostly just googled together, but all together in one place:


List 1 http://www.barkingcarnival.com/2014/1/7/5284928/lets-talk-oc-texas-offensive-coordinator-candidate-profiles


List 2 http://www.barkingcarnival.com/2014/1/9/5293446/lets-talk-oc-ii-more-offensive-coordinator-candidate-profiles



I don't think the ASU OC listed is a possibility for Patterson to hire.

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i'm guilty of it too, but too often we place a huge burden on BMDs to just front cash for a coordinator. 5.2. mil is a crap ton of money.


if UT called any one of you and said "hey, we can have chad morris, but you'll need to write a check for 10k right now" how many of you would do it?


i think every fan of a tier 1 program is often guilty of relying too much on BMDs

But I would cough up $9.95....

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It sucks for Texas and for Chad. But he knew that his buyout was steep when he inked his contract at Clemson. His large salary was directly linked to the large buyout. The buyout is in effect only for a lateral OC to OC move. He can take an HC job with no buyout. My guess is if Franklin does go to Penn State, that Morris will get a ton of consideration at Vanderbilt.

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I disagree that $5.2 MM is too much when the BMDs were talking $15 MM for Saban. If we got a buyout agreement from Chad for $5-6 MM for any type of departure for 3 years, then dropped it to applying only to a lateral move (anything less than a college full HC position or a NFL position which paid less), it would almost guarantee him staying for 3 years. Pay him $1.7 MM. with annual increases and incentives for CCG, playoffs, and NC. Total cost over 3 years is still less than $4 MM annually. Alot of money, but not compared to what we were prepared to pay for Saban, & Saban's OC, whoever, would have wanted a lot of money as well.


I guess my question is just how much is a NC worth to the BMD's? Saban was only going to be here for 5-7 years, and they were talking throwing around some real money. 3 years of success where there is no doubt as to who is calling the shots would land Morris a much better gig than he will get now. If Morris is head & shoulders above the competition, as we assumed Saban was, then how much more is he worth than the alternative candidates?

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here is another possible -- Mike Yurcich


Sets up a possible combo deal with Wickline I think most would get on board with???






from Feb 2013 --

Yurcich, 37, spent two seasons at Division II Shippensburg (Pa.) as offensive coordinator after five seasons filling the same role at Edinboro University.


He'll be Oklahoma State's third offensive coordinator in four seasons after Dana Holgorsen (West Virginia) and Todd Monken (Southern Miss) left the Cowboys to accept head-coaching jobs.


Yurcich helped Shippensburg rank first nationally among Division II schools in total offense and second nationally in scoring offense at more than 46 points per game. His offense also led the nation in passing yards at 387.7 yards a game.


"I am excited to continue the offensive firepower that has been in place at OSU for many years," Yurcich said in a statement. "I've often admired the OSU system and I'm looking forward to learning and then teaching the Oklahoma State offense."




<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/OaiPRUSrDlE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/CgSb_rMKa_M" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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sumthing dont feel right here...we are not who we thought we were..plain and simple...i mean all we were told was ..a top headcoach and top assistants yet we get a tier 2 coach who i will say was my choice behind briles after the pipedreams..and now we cant seem to even get the big name oc to commit..i know its not over but if it end up watson or major then color me way unimpressed..


Why would we pay $5mm for a buyout? It's easy to sit here and spend other peoples money. IMO it makes no sense to pony up that amount. There are other good options ( not Watson :))

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