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Cool Charlie Strong story...


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So I read this story and thought it was pretty cool...


----copied from Texags--------------

Haven't seen reference to this on here, so for all you non-San Antonio Ags, got a little story for ya...


RC Slocum was on the radio with Dat Nguyen on the San Antonio ESPN station (1250) the other afternoon as I was driving home from work. Among other things, they were talking about the Charlie Strong hire at t.u. Most know he was a Grad Assistant at A&M under Sherill (Slocum was DCoord) in 1985. Dat asked about what characteristics Strong displayed that set him apart from other GA's. Slocum said we didn't really have them do a lot of "coaching" but what he looked for was that guy who came early, stayed late, and was always looking for something/anything he could do to contribute. He said Charlie was one of those guys.


Then he went on to tell the story of how Charlie got his break to become a real coach on a staff. He said he been good friends with Ray Dorr for a long time and Ray was coach at S. Illinois. RC was talking to Ray and asked if he had any openings on his staff. Ray said he did, but he had it narrowed down to 2 or 3 guys, and he was pretty sure he was going to hire one of them. RC said "I have this guy that's really good, and I promise you, if you interview him, you'll hire him." Dorr told RC that he was comfortable with the 2 or 3 candidates he had, and besides, a small program like S Illinois doesn't have a lot of money to be flying people around for interviews. RC said "Ray, what if I buy him a plane ticket to fly up there and see you. Do you think you could take 20 or 30 minutes to sit down and talk with him?" Dorr said "well, I can't turn down a deal like that!"


Strong flew up to Illinois on RC's dime, and as predicted, got hired into his first ever coaching job.




Yes, I occasionally go over there to get a chuckle or a different perspective. Shoot me.

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Awesome. Here's my Charlie Strong story.


After the LSU/Florida game in 2007, which was just quite possibly the very best damned football game I have ever been to, we were leaving the stadium and heckling the players. Not something I do often, or am proud of, but things got ugly that night. Anyway, the team was filing out when CS came out. I have no idea what kind of drunken, cocky belligerence I spewed, but instead of ignoring us and just walking straight to the bus, he gave us a genuine smile, stopped to shake everybody's hands and said, 'Excellent game, guys. See you next year.' He was the only guy to do it.


My girlfriend's mom reminded me about that a few days ago, I'd totally forgotten.

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