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Very good question.

When joining a conference athletically somehow academics matter. From what i understand, schools can do research together, etc. I know the big 10 does this and has a non-athletic partner in Univ of Chicago(i think).

IMO, you ideally want to join a conf/teams that think similarly to you, are somewhat comparable academically and play many of the same sports with you. Travel use to be important but in this day and age of showing 1 game 8 different ways on TV, it really doesnt matter as much. Since Football is king, realignment will revolve around that.


For Texas: every conference will have good football rivalries we will make and bad ones. We have some bad road trips in Big 12, Ames and Manhattan come to mind. Also, you want to play where you can be seen the most, usually east coast. Pac12 has claimed east coast bias for decades. Also, a lot of "talent" is in states like Texas, Cali, Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania and if you play in those locations consistantly, you can get talent from that area. Texas should always be able to get talent within our borders(80%) but this isnt the 60s, kids leave a lot more and we need to be able to recruit nationally(20%). Another factor is population shift. The rust belt(Big10/Big12) is not a place where people dream of moving and for getting jobs there for less potential talent and less TV sets($$$ = and thats what its all about.) LHN will most probably have to be tweaked regardless of where we go.


Big 10: doesnt make sense athletically bc many of the sports are different. Sure we all play football and basketball but we dont play ice hockey, field hockey, wrestling and they dont play baseball or tennis. Academically, they are very good bc of schools like Michigan, NW, Illinois, Purdue, etc. If Texas goes to big 10 then they can not bring any friends with them. You can still schedule Ou, or TT/Bu out of conference. I know we have a lot in common with Michigan and tOsu but i dont think we culturally mix. We will share the big dawg title with Michigan and tOsu. Big10 network, LHN will be an issue.


Sec: with the addition of Mizzou and Aggie(along with Vandy) they have improved academics for now. Will Mizzou stay here or bolt of Big10? They are perceived to be the dirtiest/conference and with the addition of Aggie they pretty much are, as history will attest. We dont buy athletes. The matchups and natural rivalries would be great. Travel to cities like Baton Rouge, Oxford, Fayetteville, etc would be fun. We would most likely be able to bring a friend. If, per say that friend were Ou, the national balance of power would be way to much in the SEC. Too many national powerhouse programs in 1 conference a good thing? We would be able to recruit the southeast where a lot of talent resides. They play majority of the sports we do. Population growth in the southeast is good. We share the Big dawg title with Bama. Least issue with LHN. As far as Aggies being able to veto us, hahaha, not a chance in hell, not even 1% chance.


Acc: Many of the positives of the Sec minus the dirtiest of the dirtiest. A little further but you get the whole east coast from Beantown to South Beach. Not sure how many schools they add so we may or may not be able to bring friends. With school like BC, GT, Wake and the Carolina triangle their academic are amazing. Other than a few guys playing field hockey and UConn playing ice hockey we play mostly the same sports. Very good fit culturally. We might still be the big dawg but the conference will still have a lot of carolina flavor to it. LHN will need to be tweaked.


Pac: Stanford/Cal/UCLA/USC, need i say anything more about academics. We would probably be able to bring some friends with us and have a central time zone group and only travel west twice a year. Might also convince them that we dont want to play 7pm pacific time games. We might have the most in common with them culturally. Maybe we dont play water polo but we share a majority of sports. We would share Big dawg title with USC.


There is also the possibility of a split from the NCAA and starting something completely new, which i prefer personally. But thats a way to many options to begin to discuss currently.

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Athletically SEC is a good fit, but the "academics lobby" at UT prefers the Pac-12 and ACC. They believe we have more in common with those universities than SEC members.


I do not see the University of Texas joining the SEC, ever. The main reason is that those who lead the university would greatly prefer to have it be associated with as many elite universities as possible.


Well, you rightly say, with Missouri and A&M now in the SEC, the SEC is at least as impressive academically as the remaining Big 12. While true, that misses the issue. Texas has inherited the Big 12, which fits its regional needs and desires very well. Those who run the university will not leave the Big 12 to make a lateral move in terms of academic rankings - no matter how much football might gain.


In addition, there is pride. The University of Texas is not going to follow the lead of A&M. The only way that Texas will be the newbie under A&M in anything as important as conference affiliation is if Texas has no other choice.


Texas may well prefer to keep the Big 12. But if it is going to leave, it is going to do so in large measure to affiliate with a larger number of elite schools. That means 3 options: ACC, Big Ten, Pac.


The Pac would mean Texas would take 3 other Big 12 schools. That would be a plus. The downsides start with playing games to your left in time, which is draining. It is much easier to go east than west in those terms. 2 members of the Pac Inland would be in Mountain Time, and then there is the 2 hour difference to Pacific time. The Pac is now #5 in national TV viewers in both revenue sports. Texas would lift the number in football, but not in basketball. The only 3 schools that would all help the Pac are Texas, OU, and Kansas. Would OU dump Ok St to make such a move work its best? While the Pac plays good baseball, nobody goes to games or watches on TV.


The Prince-like named B1G is the most homogeneous conference. It is the original conference about the largest state universities. Even Northwestern, its one private school, is very large by private school standards. The B1G, because of the size of the schools and the historic wealth of their states, is the wealthiest conference. But B1G football is historically a hot air balloon - all puffed up and easily burst when it encounters any meaningful opposition. Fans of every other conference see B1G football use similar labels for B1G football - boring, slow, predictable, dull, overrated, living on fumes from past glory. As can be seen by looking at B1G teams in bowls and against non-midwestern teams OOC and by seeing the demise of the MAC, midwestern football is on a continuing downward cycle, that I think will bottom, but never turn up significantly. That is the football reason ND is beginning the process ending its rivalries with B1G teams. We need to play in the south much more. The B1G cannot escape the midwest - ND can and will.


The ACC was third last year in the number of national TV viewers for football, ahead of the Big 12 and Pac. That is before FSU winning a national title, before ND begins play as a half member, before Pitt and Syracuse brought a decent number of northeastern viewers. What B1G people think is the huge weakness of the ACC is actually a strength that is certain to become even stronger. The ACC was second in basketball viewers. With ND (good numbers but not like football), Syracuse (easily the biggest draw in the northeast) and Pitt, ACC basketball numbers will move to number one. The ACC has the second largest number of baseball fans behind the SEC. Like the old SWC, the ACC is the most heterogenous conference, with multiple private schools as well as state schools, with very small schools and a couple of very large ones. The ACC geography would allow Texas to play directly to the southeast, northeast and midwest.

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Yeah I have heard that the academic standards are lower than UT finds acceptable at SEC schools. I have also heard that A&M would try to block us if we tried to join now. Not sure if they have that kind of power or not.


LOL - The SEC would throw aggy out, if they had to, to get us. Just ask yourself - who would they prefer?

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There's been some talk about conference realignment on various sites the past couple of weeks. The SEC is usually immediately dismissed as a possibility without much said on why this is. Could someone explain the big negatives to Texas joining the SEC?


We wont join the SEC because all of their schools share revenue evenly. That means if we were to join, we would have to share the LHN revenue as well. It's a deal breaker and we arent about to leave that much money on the table to join the SEC. I would love to have a super conference. SEC with UT and OU and perhaps a FSU and VT or something to that effect. that would be one hell of a conference to make it thru with only 1 loss.

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LOL - The SEC would throw aggy out, if they had to, to get us. Just ask yourself - who would they prefer?


Oh I agree with you. That's just something I heard someone say somewhere...Don't even remember where now...Anyways, like I said I don't know if they have that kind of clout or not, but I bet they prob would try. I know they would get a vote, and Mizzou would prob join them in trying to block us as well. Anybody here know how many votes it would take to block a school from entering?

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