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Rumor Has It Zach Whitley

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probably UCLA because UT cant contact him right now


Sure we can.


12-16-13 thru 01-15-14 Dead Period - The college coach cannot make in-person contact with you or your legal guardians. This prevents the coach from making any evaluations of you whatsoever. However, the coach can make telephone calls to you or your legal guardians.


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Does that include social media (Twitter, FaceBook, Instagram, etc.)? I don't think it does.


A dead period is a period of time when it is not permissible to make in-person recruiting contacts or evaluations on or off the institution's campus or to permit official or unofficial visits by prospective student-athletes to the institution's campus. The provision of complimentary admissions to a prospective student-athlete during a dead period is prohibited, except as provided in Bylaw for a prospective student-athlete who visits an institution as part of a group. During a dead period, a coaching staff member may not serve as a speaker at or attend a meeting or banquet at which prospective student-athletes are in attendance, except as provided in Bylaw, and may not visit a prospective student-athlete's educational institution. It remains permissible, however, for an institutional staff member to write or telephone a prospective student-athlete during a dead period.


Coaches could send unlimited text messages and other forms of electronic communications if a recruiting rule proposed by the Rules Working Group is approved in January by the members who serve on the Division I Legislative Council.


The membership will consider three new recruiting proposals the Rules Working Group constructed during its September meeting from similar measures that were adopted and later suspended by the Board of Directors earlier this year.


The proposed removal of limitations on text messaging between coaches and recruits by the NCAA Rules Working Group does not apply to football.


Text messaging has been banned between coaches and recruits in football since 2007. It is allowed in basketball. Coaches are permitted to communicate with football recruits by other methods of private messaging, including through social media.


The reinstatement of text messaging in football was part of a controversial package of recruiting deregulation passed early in 2013 by the Division I Board of Directors but suspended in May by the same group after it was met with widespread criticism.


A subcommittee of the NCAA's Leadership Council was subsequently formed to examine recruiting issues in football. That group has not taken action on any issues related to electronic communication between football coaches and recruits.

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