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The topic people don't want to get into is getting national coverage


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Was heavily mentioned on ESPN radio today. They were talking about how this is the first African American head coach in the history of Texas for any major men's sport. That it was long overdue and a good move etc etc.


That's not why he was hired but it's not something that's going unnoticed by the national media. I'm just glad strong is here


The rot within Bellmont is about to be evident to anyone who had any doubts. The media team within Bellmont should have already been starting to get info out on who Charlie Strong is as an individual and as a leader. Until the gets out, people will judge Strong on more superficial metrics. Sadly, we have one of the least competent media teams in sports, either at the pro, college or high school level. Because of this, those who revel in taking shots at Texas will get to set the tone of the discussion. Charlie Strong will have to deal with that sorry aspect of our program. A good, proud, dedicated man will have to deal with a fair amount of negativity because an incompetent left-over head of media relations from the past regime is responsible for introducing Coach Strong on his new stage. For the record, since racial undertones are going to be an element of the discussion, let me come right out and say the incompetent individual is caucasian.

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