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Great post on what strong brings


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Saw this on IT from Quincy horn



""Get ready for the goon squad. Houston, Dallas, ETX, Miami, Nola, L.A."


Charlie Strong is going to LIVE in these areas. Anybody that knows football knows we needed a culture change in the worst way. Quincy hopes you're ready to watch the country club burn to the ground, Charlie Strong will be building a FOOTBALL program on top of it.


He will bring toughness, he will bring accountability, but above all, he will bring the type of football talent Texas has been lacking since Vince Young and the team full of NFL players we had during that run.


Strong takes tough kids for his football team. The dude was just handed the keys to the finest recruiting vehicle in the country, and he's gonna stick some 20s on it and drive it around the most talent rich areas of Texas and the country.


Momma will love him. The kids will love him. The NFL will love him.


Quincy knows this is a big departure from what we are used to around here, and Quincy will always have love for big Mack and what he accomplished at Quincy's school.


But the game just changed, and Quincy's Longhorn brothers are gonna have some big smiles on their faces when the goon squad starts busting skulls and destroying the trenches."

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Strong takes tough kids for his football team. The dude was just handed the keys to the finest recruiting vehicle in the country, and he's gonna stick some 20s on it and drive it around the most talent rich areas of Texas and the country.


I can start getting the picture. How 'bout this? Get VY back in here as a graduate assistant. Hell, why not?


Get some gangsta back to the program. Get a role model of that caliber. Bring back as guests a lot of the NFLer's from '04, '05.

Get nasty!


Okay, I'm outta the fog over it. Bit by bit. Maybe it is what's needed.

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Add Scipio on Strong--


Read whole thing here http://www.barkingcarnival.com/2014/1/4/5274152/thoughts-on-texas-longhorns-head-coach-charlie-strong




Strong is perfectly cordial with the media, but he does view them with some suspicion and doesn't seem to enjoy the interactions much. He'd rather be watching film, recruiting, or hanging out with his players and family than glad-handing. Our monied types should probably focus on just enjoying the games instead of counting the head coach as their personal pen pal show piece. If you have a problem with that, you're probably someone who practices imaginary golf putts in hallways and can't wait to tell people who your Dad is.


* * *


The bigger issue that the semi-introverted Strong will have to contend with is the shock of moving from the small to big time stage and how to deal with his loyalty to the men who were good enough at Louisville, but don't necessarily represent the best available options at a place with the resources of Texas. For a guy that values allegiance, it's going to be an early test.


If we didn't set those expectations early in the interview process, shame on us.




Strong has solid defensive schemes and was one of the early innovators in the 3-3-5 nickel at South Carolina, but he's mostly about keeping things simple, teaching fundamentals, getting everyone on the same page, and getting great effort. While everyone is always seeking the perfect schematic scrawlings on a napkin to contend with spread offenses, the reality is that hitting hard, tackling reliably, being sound, providing autonomy within a team construct, and actually matching recruiting requirements to the task rather than just randomly taking guys, is a lot more important than the magical schematic bullet.


Strong gets that. It will be very refreshing to watch. It'll take a little time though, because our team is more or less an aggregation of athletes on islands trying to win individual match-ups. For that reason, I'd place the likelihood of him retaining Duane Akina at 0.3% unless he defers to reputation and throwing a former staff retention bone.

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I-20 I believe, or it might refer to some part of the area code. Like 305's are Miami Dade players, as their area code is 305.


LMAO...are you guys for real? 20's, he means that he will take the fine vehicle that is Texas' recruiting and put 20'' rims on it...you know..add a little flair.

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Some guy tweeted this out earlier today. It fits perfectly with what has been posted already in this thread about Strong.


Those Texas boys better be ready to compete, because Strong will get some 305 goons on that roster who don't have a sense of entitlement

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What the frack does 305 goons mean? The Texas Homer doesnt want Texas to become Thug U aka 1980's Miami.


305 is the area code of Miami Dade county, where some of the best football athletes in the country are found. These goons had few issues at Florida compared to the offensive side, so I would assume these guys know that there way out is on the football field.

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Posted part of this in another thread.


Once upon a time, the University of Texas hired a coach who, coming in, had a record of 17-13, played for for our most hated rival (and beat us), entered Memorial Stadium with a chip on his shoulder and didn't give a damn about glad-handing BMDs or Board of Regents. All he cared about was winning championships at UT. He won 11 conference titles, (finishing 2nd 5 times) and 3 National Championships in 20 years.


Darrell K. Royal wasn't well thought of either when he came to Austin but his focus on winning championships changed the culture of football at Texas and for all of my own personal hand-wringing and disappointments about the coaches who have succeeded DKR in the subsequent years, including Mack Brown, this is, I truly believe, the one coach who can come in here with that same kind of chip on his shoulder, with something to prove and turn Texas football back into winning championships on a consistent basis.


As I said earlier in the year in my thread, "Tired of being tired, I'm tired of not winning championships and playing 2nd fiddle to those GD okies. To that end, and since two of my better friends are former okie coaches, I can tell you that this hire is one that finally ends the okies laughing at us. This hire actually worries them and that, my friends, is a good thing. I would have loved to have had Saban or Fisher but this, in my humble opinion, will be the better and more long-term hire.


I'm ready for a real coach to come in here and NOT accept 10 win seasons as a bench mark. I'm ready to have a Longhorn team that dominates physically and PUTS the beat-down on the okies in historic fashion and never EVER accepts anything less than a conference championship. I'm 52, so I can safely say this to all of my Hornsports comrades out there...it's about damn time.


Once upon a time...is now.


Now, as for what else he brings, take a look at his S&C coach, Ron Moorer. You're going to love this!





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Here is another guy that Strong hopefully bring with him. Pat Moorer.




"When the team took the field, we noticed that cornerback Jordan Paschal was on crutches. Minutes later we looked over to our left and saw him sitting in what appeared to be a ditch, shovel in hand. He literally spent 60 minutes sitting in the blazing hot sun digging in that ditch. The upper-body torment must have been excruciating. And that’s what Moorer does. To promote an atmosphere where guys won’t milk their injuries to stay out of practice...."

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