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Beating cancer twice shows your strength and resilience. You see the bigger picture. Keep doing what you do McPhaul. Thanks and Hook'em to a new era of UT football.

I'm glad you included my name because I will gladly stand behind you. Growing a small business is one of the single hardest things to do in the world, and I will support you and this website no matter what happens. Thats man to man, no concerns about football, coaches, etc. Plus baseball is only 41 days away, and djb can attest, thats where my real passion for Texas sports is.


Don't worry about Sponsors.. let me know what arenas they were in and I'll find you more. I think you can attest to that.

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who was the sponsor who bailed like a girl over not liking you or something on the board? I want to be sure to never use their business...ever


I dont get a lot of the vitriol on the board right now. You have people already saying F*ck Charlie Strong


Let things play out and dont go crazy

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I have had sponsors quit on us tonight.


I have been cussed & dissed.


However, when I wake up tomorrow, I'm going to feel blessed by the sponsors like Phil and the good people like SF Girl that are here to build this community.

I have beat cancer twice so, this ain't nothing for high stepper like me.


Coach Strong has my support going forward.


McPhaul, I'm not a frequent poster and don't know you at all but the sponsors are ridiculous. Hell, this is the only board i would ever pay for! Never have before but will gladly do it for this one. You are a good man and this is a great site of folks. If i can help let me know.

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I don't get the anger exhibited against Strong either. Strong hasn't even coached a game for us and people are jumping all over him. Give the dude a break! I always get a kick out of people who judge a person without ever having been in that person's shoes or similar shoes. There are so many arm chair coaches everywhere forming opinions of Strong who never played a down of football or coached football. It's hilarious.


Lets wait to see how the 2014 season plays out before we praise or condemn the guy.



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McPhaul...you put a lot on the line and I'm sure risk friendships with the reports simply because you love Longhorn Football. To those that cuss, diss and pull away/leave just because they don't like the hire....screw them, don't need those kind of fans anyway. I feel like that's part of the problem with so many of the spoiled fans these days. I'm behind this hire 100% and thanks for all the great reporting during this process. It's going to be exciting times this spring. Can't wait.

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Hang in there McP!


When you deal with the public you realize there are all different types out there which means you'll get all types of reactions. Their points aren't valid, so don't take it personally. Those of us who understand what you're telling us and the conditions you're telling it have your back.

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Must not be very worthwhile businesses to pull out because of the hiring of a coach. Good riddance in my opinion.......


My 2 cents worth --


I would caution against the board owners adopting this^ viewpoint. One of my bedrock rules is do not burn bridges, especially in business.


This was a emotional, traumatic event for many people. In situations like this, it is always better to give the emotions a chance to subside before making any important decisions. How long does this take? There is no hard rule as everyone is different. The only hard rule is to wait until you and they are all thinking rationally again.


So, don't burn bridges and give the emotions time to fully wash through the system.


That's it from me.

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McPhaul... I'm so sorry to hear this happened to you. You said from the beginning you were just reporting what you heard and that is what you did. Guess your sources also thought they were telling you the best they knew also. Sounds like things changed last night and we will probably never know why, but they went down and another person was named. Coach Strong sounds like a good coach with passion and a real desire to come to Texas! He was going after the job and others were being begged to come with big $$ thrown at them. Somehow things to seem to always work out for the best, so we just need to "thank you" for what you did to keep us informed the best you could. I'll support Strong and sure the kids will also, especially if his wife can make "cookies"!


This is just about a game, as you know from first hand experience, many more important things in life ---- like health! Praying you health continues to be good ---- as life goes on health becomes one of most important things!

This is a fun site with mostly very nice people with thoughtful and not hateful posts. Please continue what you do, I love reading it all!


Hook Em Horns!

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Harbaugh, Gruden, and Fisher never got serious looks. Patterson liked Strong from the get go and Saban backed too far away to jump back in after Mackmania.


It appears the days of throwing money at Texas football and wanting your opinion to be heard because of it is over. Patterson is a pro and this hire is his alone and tied to his hip going forward. He left himself no out and also no excuses... that's what people who are very good at their job do, but he also set a boundary moving forward IMO.


Agree with your comments. You seem to have been the most correct throughout this whole process. Keep it up.

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It is ridiculous that you are on the receiving end of that kind of stuff. And more especially that sponsors are bailing.


My only criticism has to do with that "Merry Christmas" post, which I thought was a little overly-enthused even at the time. I understand, and believe, that you were only posting what your sources were telling you. This is all that most of us were asking for, information.


I do think that there are some donors that fancy themselves as being more connected than perhaps they really are. Nothing sinister, just big egos.


But I've never felt you personally had any agenda other than to post what you were hearing. And for this I am grateful.


Let's all get behind the new coach, whoever he is, and at the same time continue to make this the best Horns site out there.

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