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I'm actually stoked!!!

DFW Hornsfan

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I wanted and believed it was Saban. Strong BUILT his team. Literally lobbied for the job. He is 9 years younger than Saban and has something to prove. I think we are all going to be part of a huge first. I think the first black coach is going to win a NC in the DEEP south. He is a freaking awesome coach no matter how you slice it. After Sabans last two games, I can admit I was a little concerned. But hey, he's Nick Saban. Well guess what? We may have just hired the next Bob Stoops.

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I agree. This defense is going to be stellar. Guy coaches with a chip on his shoulder, and created some of the best defenses in the nation at Louisville. Imagine what he can do here. Get him a great OC, and yeah, he very well could be another Stoops. But way cooler.

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I can't say he is an awesome coach. He has been solid to a point. He has been a HC in the Big East/American conferences, not exactly thoroughbreds of football conferences. He is a very good defensive coach, which is what UT needs, that being said; he had a very talented QB that has carried him offensively over the last 3 years. This is definitely not the splash hire that I would happen. Patterson is taking a huge risk tying himself to Charlie Strong as his first major hire for UT.

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No risk. No reward. I applaud the less obvious choice of an ascendent HC and agree with ESPN comments that CS did not win this job in a war of attrition. He was deemed the best hire for the job. Briles and Mora's announcements earlier today smacked of having been given a courtesy call from SP that he was going a different direction. Bama can keep NS who apparently isn't infallible after all. What might the Horns have done this year with a defensive-minded HC and Bridgewater under center? We're closer than everybody thinks with some key recruits and fire in the belly!

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Did anyone ever think that Patterson may have pulled the trigger on Strong after the Miami job opened up? Saban was waffling and we know Miami wanted Strong.

Everyone says Patterson always liked Strong. Strong was selling everyone on how bad he wanted it. Patterson may have wanted to just take back control. He may have told Saban times up. When Saban didn't respond he proved he wasn't kidding.

Saban may be sitting there now thinking what just happened?

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