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SantaRita speaks


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Agree. I could be wrong (or at least my guys could be wrong because I never am haha!) and I want to be wrong. I actually just missed the call from my guy that I posted about earlier and he has said Saban from the start but I cant get a hold of him now. I have tried 3 times. Who the hell knows.


Damn it, keep dialing

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Not necessarily.


It's clear you're in the "it better be Saban or I will hate everything UT" camp and that's fine. It's your life.


I'll support Strong if it's him. He's tenacious, has fire, young, and motivated. I have full confidence in him stopping the A&M and Baylor momentum in the state. (Same for Saban, minus the age part.)


*pours whiskey*


Gomer Pyle could be the next coach ad long as he wins and treats UT with respect he will have mine but he can't forget... you have a job here and its to win, keep the excuses to yourself, just win. Hoorah!

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If he is expected to accept it then Why would we announce another coach?


Exactly, I really wish people would get this Saban crap out there head. First time was understandable but now it's not. All coaches have a window of being great. Saban would be good but let's find the next Saban and create a dynasty not a won or two year run.

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It is not Strong. Saban is the only candidate with an offer. McPhaul's source will let him know one way or the other and that hasn't happened. So no other offers can go out until the one on the table is dealt with, one way or another.


It's Saban if it's anyone right now.


Unless Saban has already said no...

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Not from what I've been reading. I'm sure there are some that think he would be but the consensus seems to be that Texas would have struck out with the big names and settled with Strong.



No they don't. Strong's name is consistently mentioned by the national media as a "great hire for Texas."

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