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Saban looks like he's in another world


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It's very hard to sustain success as long as Saban has. No matter how good you are, without some turnover, complacency will set in. I believe that is why Saban has job hopped so much. That's not saying he si coming to Texas but if he's going to make a move, now is the time to jump. And TBH... coming off back to back losses and heading in to a year where he loses his 3 ring QB, he'd be a little cooky to not accept the stupid money Texas is willing to pay him.

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It sounds crazy but maybe he's burned out at bama. He's a program builder more than a maintainer


Which is why the 5-6 year time frame that he would probably coach is perfect. This idea we need to hire a guy for the next 20 years is idiocy. Rebuild the program, snuff out aggie and leave the larder stocked for the next guy.

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