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Am I the only one that doesn't want Briles?


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give me briles and robinson as dc...i repeat robinson..we gave up one yes one td to the ducks...briles offense yes the spread which oh by the way we won a nc with...every texas highschool is running some form of it.its good for recruiting and for all you saban nuts..its fact his d has alot of trouble with the spread and every big 12 team runs it..yes saban would be my first choice but its not happening never was..briles is the man for texas..

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I don't know that his age is necessarily a problem, and to say "he's getting close to retirement" is simply idle speculation, certainly not a statement of fact, even though it sounded like it (assuming you don't actually have direct insight into his thoughts).


Having said that, what has concerned me is the fact that his team has played very erratically (both O and D) three straight games. Yes, they whipped us, but with the weather and Case at the helm, our O' was doomed (further evidence vs oregon). But, by and large, combined with the excessive number of penalties that have plagued them all year, BU doesn't look like any kind of fine-tuned machine

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Most people I think would take Briles over Mack Brown. But most people have him further down the list than the talking heads do. I only want him if about 8 or 9 others say no... Which won't happen. In my opinion a Briles hire is settling for the next Mackovic.

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Briles burned his bridge with me when he voted OU #1 and Texas #5 in 2008. From a coaching standpoint he reminds me of a Mackovic hire; flashes of brilliance but no consistent product based on a neglected defense; and what works at UofH and BU may not translate at all to UT. That's a chance with any coach but we got rid of Mack and would not be upgrading with Briles. Do. Not. Want.

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That's what scares me about the spread, you can train your defense so much, but when your defense is out on the field 80-90% of the time, they're going to be physically exhausted. It can work with great depth, but I'm weary when it comes to offenses that can score like lightning.

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Texas was running the spread..Vince was in shotgun most plays and running zone read. It wasn't as advance as the spread as you see now, but it was the spread. Also Texas made it back vs Bama in the spread.


Sorry, we were running pro for a while there. During the time of VY it was a zone read and Colt was a spread.

I apologize for getting my offensive styles confused.


But as you can see we base our offenses around a couple of star QBs, and heavily relying on them to win for us.

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