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A few coaching search thoughts

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I believe the AD has already selected who he wants as the new HC and that new HC has already selected his coaches to come. I also believe that a lot of what's being said about all these different coaches is smoke to protect the coach that has been selected. If it were Strong , IMO we would already heard that he is the new HC. I'm hoping for a Huge splash to help keep recruits we have and also to help lean others our way. I'd like to see Saban come , but I also understand he is a Legend in Alabama . I also understand we don't know any issues he may have had there. Hook'em Horns !!!

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I thought hornsports was on record saying Saban to TX?


Several staff members here have said their sources are hearing Saban. & I support them & their sources. I would love Saban to come to Texas he is my first choice but I have idea who it will be..


Also I have seen you on other sites trash this site be advised you're on a short leash here.

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Here is your quote from the "slow down" thread.


"I know everyone is excited that we are finally heading into a new era, the problem we are about 4 years too late. Everyone needs to slow down this is going to be a total rebuild. We are at least 3 to 5 yrs away from being real good again regardless of who comes in. We do not have elite talent right now and let us not forget we do not have a D1 starting QB on the 40 right now. My early thoughts on next season we are at best a 6-6 football team."

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By your own prediction we were certainly 3 to 5 years away from a solid football team from Strong's hiring. You predicted six and six and then perhaps five and seven. My question is since we are on pace to meet your prediction why are you so down on Strong? Your prediction was based on not knowing who the new coach would be.

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