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Is the veil lifting RE Saban with the mainstream press? Finebaum is annoyed


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Finebaum is a spokesman for the SEC. He loves the SEC. He thinks the SEC is better than everyone else. He thinks Saban is "the best coach" in football. Saban is in the SEC. Finebaum wants to keep the status quo because there are a lot of gomers in the SEC who think Findbaum is the god of SEC football and that keeps grub on his table. (I do like the drum cadence that is played after commercial breaks before he goes on air. Otherwise I find most of what he shares quite uninteresting and disagreeable.)

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Never liked Ric Renner.


And while Dave South probably does not count for this question, I both hate and love him at the same time. The love part is tuning in his radiocast at the end of a game they are losing or, even better, when they are about to lose. That specific little brief moment when Dave South recognizes the game is lost is classic radio. I even love it when he goes to read to Cavender's Boots ad in that mood of his.

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