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How long is the honeymoon and what does next season look like?


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How long is the honeymoon for our new coach? Granted someone like Saban clearly will get more "latitude" than say a Strong or Briles type hire but how quick do we need to win/make playoffs?


Sadly. . .I don't see next year being significantly better than this year. ..for one. ..we may not have a QB and we lose 3 of our top OLs . ..


But a 2 loss season isn't far fetched. . .the D certainly returns some talent even if Reed and/or Diggs jumps. . .


What are you looking for from next year?

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North Texas - W



@ Kansas - W

Baylor - L

Oklahoma - W

Iowa St - W

@ Kansas St - L

@ Texas Tech - W

West Virginia - W

@ Oklahoma St - L



I have us at 8-4.


1) QB play

2) Defense stop the spread?

3) OL concerns

4) FG kicking

5) TE please


It's going to be, very strongly, a function of the new coach and his staff. I would expect 2 losses with one of the "tier 1" coaches on the list. The losses would occur early in the year, with us getting better as the year goes on. At 2 losses, we'd make it to a BCS bowl and win it, finishing the season in the 10-15 range (in rankings). This also depends upon whether a big-name hire leads to a couple of 5-star recruits switching to Texas in the upcoming cycle.

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We better find a QB. if Saban comes to Texas, then I can see us going to JUCO or Transfer route.


No way Saban goes into next season with only Swooped and Heard. No way.


Understand the JUCO route is weak for QBs this year. ..any word on the FSU kid (who is a Bama target interestingly enough) or the Utah State qB chuckie something coming off knee surgery?

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QB play is the key. If we can develop a strong enough running game to compensate for the lack of passing, then we should be ok. Not great...just ok.



I could see us going 8-4 or 9-3. The difference is going to be the energy and hope that is restored back into this stagnant program. I look for season 3 to be the year of serious change and improvement.





This is Texas. You lose and you hear it. You win and you're everyone's best friend.

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Interesting question, I was pondering this yesterday and also wondering how long the next HC will be at UT. I think a couple of years (2-3) is a fare amount of time to begin to see significant change in the direction of the program. We have to remember it's not like plugging in a lamp and it turns on.


I think some of the current players are going to be in for a rude awakening when the new HC, who ever it is, hits the ground. I think how the players reach will in a large part be a major determining factor in the record next year as well as finding a QB that cam get us through next year.


I think 9-3 is reasonable, with losses to Baylor, OKS & UCLA.

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