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score predictions.


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Nailed it. This has all the looks of one of the bad OU face-rapes in years past or, for those old enough to remember it, the Freedom Bowl


OOPS! modmouse: "From the practice reports on IT, doesn't look it will be close"




I don't have access to IT, practice isn't going well? Guys apathetic? 'Head coach' MIA and/or distracted?


Hook 'em!

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52-14. Mack will be booed. GTFO



There are many things that Mack deserves at the moment, but my Mama told me that ladies never say or do any of them. :-(

Would any of you fine, southern gentlemen care to do the honors?


Hook 'em!

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I've been wrong more than I've been right this season. I would never, never root against Texas for any reason. Not to assure a coaching change, AD change, never for any circumstances. I don't bet on Texas games and when I do it's a friendly bet with a friend/fan of the opponent.


Based on what I've heard regarding the guys as they prepare for the bowl from several that have been with the team I don't feel very confident at all. Not at all. But then, I had the same feeling before OU this year.


Texas 10

Oregon 58

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