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Finebaum will be eating his words very soon...

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Damn you! Once again, my emotions are feeling like a yo-yo or see-saw with every report. Not sure my heart can take this much longer. Maybe I'll go into hibernation until February? For sure we will have an answer by then and I can just celebrate the hire, or be just be done with it!


Can you wait until January 6th?

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Not if it means the back and forth "insider" messages, tidbits, morsels, little info posts, etc. like we have seen the past two days! I want to believe, I need to believe, but I am so ready for the change in "the process" that "the elephant in the room" can bring our program.


There are obligations from both sides regarding our old coaching staff leaving, players getting ready for a bowl game, and "any" new coach coming in that need to take place. Every single one of the targets plays in a bowl game or NFL playoff game after our game against Oregon. Enjoy the bowl game and New Year and get ready for the rumors to really heat up heading in to and out of the weekend. I think you'll begine to see all sorts of leaks after Monday. Merry Christmas.

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