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Fisher or Saban?

Darrell McPhaul

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Top Posters In This Topic

2 of my top 3 choices along with Shaw.

Both would be a grand slam. I think Saban would turn things around quicker and chance the culture around quicker. Fisher would be here longer than ~5 years(Saban). I think Saban just to change the culture quicker, get us to MNC Quicker, launch LHN. we can get Fisher in 5 years.

Both are great!

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You take Saban without question.


He is one that can get this turned around quicker and could bring some late studs into this class.


Saban for 6 to 8 years when the brand is at an all time high and you get another big time coach. The holes Brown left behind wont be the ones a guy like Saban leaves.


Saban leaves Bama with the cupboard full and with a likely 12-1 record/Sugar Bowl win. Mack leaves Texas at 8-5 with a blowout bowl loss like the 91 Cotton Bowl or 84 Freedom Bowl with the cupboard not as full. The glaring QB spot Mack leaves is crater sized.

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I like both for different reasons.


Saban is the best in the business bar none.


Fisher is much younger, an up and comer that was Saban's OC on the LSU MNC team and has put together an electric FSU team that oozes athleticism.

Would love to see such speed and athleticism at Texas. He also has a great eye for talent and knows how to develop it.


That being said, I dont think we will ever see another Saban in our lifetimes. I think Carroll might have had as much success if he stayed at USC but we will never know.

My only concerns with Saban are his age and dealing with the the non-football coaching responsibilities at Texas. The latter could be a blessing in disguise if he is able to change our culture from one that focuses on appearances and money to winning and winning big.

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