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Trap Dooring

Darrell McPhaul

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I have a big issue with it, unless it is based on breaking the law. These kids are counting on that scholarship to get an education. It's not their fault if they work hard and just aren't good enough to beat out the guys in front of them.

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I have issues with it if there isn't mentoring first on the part of the coaches and if the kid is honestly giving everything he has to offer.


If we have a kid who busts his ass and runs a 4.6 40, I don't want him trap doored for a kid that runs a 4.4 phoning it in. I don't have a problem letting go of a kid who didn't realize just what he was going to have to commit to when he signed and isn't putting in the time, either in training or in the classroom.


College is about finding which direction you want to take your life and committing to put in the effort to make it happen. Whether you are a business major or an athlete, the university (rightfully so) will show you the door. That's life.


If the staff evaluates the kid's potential and offers and the kid busts his ass but doesn't develop, its wrong to make the kid pay for the staff's mistake.

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These kids are counting on that scholarship to get an education.


And they possibly took a scholarship from someone else in order to get it.


if they work hard and just aren't good enough to beat out the guys in front of them.


On this part I agree with you. The catch is, IMHO, is their production on the practice field. Kinda like Brasky says.


It is my understanding that it is sorta in place already. Readying other boards that players see the writing on the wall re: playing time due to their effort (or lack there of) and it's suggested they hit the road during the spring.

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I'm kind of torn in between here. The student is given a scholarship based on his/her athletic abilities after all. However, in the event that the athlete does not hold up their end, there should be other avenues for the student to continue their education. As long as they're also meeting their educational requirements of course.

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Simply put, if a kid shows up and is giving his best effort, it's immoral to pull that scholarship regardless of performance. You evaluated him, you decided he was worth the scholarship, so you have to man up and honor that. If a kid is slacking off and has a bad attitude, he's not honoring his end of the scholarship and should be eligible for removal from the program and/or school.

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Did the coaching staff flat out miss on evaluating a player? That's on the coaches. The player should be encouraged to transfer for playing time. Coaches should actively search for a transfer school.


If the kid is lazy, a malcontent, punk, etc., then bye bye. We tried to mentor you and help, but you refused.

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I was looking at the numbers of scholorships given over the years by UT from a poster on line and it looked like in many cases 50% or more of a class fell by the wayside on their own. This was usually by them giving up football, transfers, injury, grades, medical, attitude etc. I don't see how the "Trap Door" policy would really be a hard issue if Saban or Fisher came on board. Just an observation.

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If you allow coaches to pull scholarships from players they perceive as underperforming, then there really is no accountability on behalf of the coaches in terms of evaluations. If Player A is recruited in year 1 and sucks, you can't just dump him in year 2 to go get another player.


I believe scholarships should remain at 1 year commitments, however, the "protocol" for renewing scholarships should evolve around a checklist. If the player has been in legal trouble, had academic issues, or other personal conduct/behavior issues, then yes, the institution should be allowed to not renew the scholarship.


But if the player was just a bad evaluation or sustained an injury and wasn't the same player afterwards, then the school needs to be held accountable for that evaluation and should thus honor the scholarship outside of the player electing to transfer on their own accord. There will be gray areas such as our current situation where the current player may not fit the new coaches system. I still feel like the coach can't just do a Calipari and get rid of all the student athletes on the roster to bring in their own. It is called "coaching" afterall and requires some sort of development process by the coach. Sometimes you have to work with the talent given to you.

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Who all has issues with colleges using the trap door on underperforming scholarship athletes?


Kind of plays to that song only the strong survie. These kids have to learn how to compeate are in the real world they will get eaten alive and be left behind. No one said it was going to be easy are at least they never told me that. If you don't prove yourself you will be trying to support a family on minim wage.

It seems like from the time you learn to walk you are trying to prove you are good enough. We all get knocked to our knees it's those who pick them selves up and fight on who will make it. I was not born into money my parents worked hard 10 and 12 hrs a day 6 and 7 days a week there whole life. I think god those skills were passed down to me and my wife and I passed those skills onto our kids. I am lucky to be were I am but I worked my ass off nothing was never given to me. My friends y'all have a great week.

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An Athletic and an Academic should be the same. If you don’t perform you lose your scholarship
Very apples to oranges. If I'm working my butt off and doing all i can and they recruit a kid that is better and he beats me out, I shouldn't lose it. Now if I'm not working hard enough or have off the field issues, then so be it.


You don't lose your academic scholarship if a kid comes and makes better grades than you. Having competed in a non-revenue sport, you don't have the luxury to stick with kids that aren't producing because of the scholarship limitations, but you can in football. My freshman class started with 27 kids on the team in our class, 4 of us completed our eligibility. Some couldn't cut it and quit but the vast majority were kids that didn't put in the effort and lost their spot.

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