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They're doing incredibly bad in the DFW area right now. My short discussion with them this morning.




10 Points to whoever catches the references first.



I have no idea, but for some reason. I really like this thread ... but, I have no idea what the references are.  It has been a while, You should tell us now.


I know that this is not it, but I can imagine this conversation happening with HAL ... but then again, I am pretty sure that HAL would not have ever had a DOG, with or without MITTENS.

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You should have asked Jimmy how the weather is in Bangalore.



So Jimmy is in Bangalore?  I did not catch that.  I still don't get the thing about dogs with mittens.  I have received a couple of calls recently from representatives of Windows warning me about impending doom with my computer ... should I send them mittens for their dogs as a gesture of good will?  Come to think of it, we have good friends from India, and I have it on good authority that if a dog there had to wear mittens, that would not bode well.  All of the other dogs, even in Bangalore, would give it incessant grief.

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